Kenting White Hotel aka Baisha Life Hotel in Baishawan

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Kenting White Hotel aka Baisha Life Hotel in Baishawan

Kenting White Hotel or known as Baisha Life Hotel is a pretty quiet and clean hotel close to the White Sand Beach (Baishawan area) in Kenting. Baishawan beach is less popular than Nanwan beach in terms of crowds and visitors, so the choice of restaurants and hotels is less in the area, but depending on what you want – a more bustling area, or more quiet surroundings, this can be a very solid choice for a stay in Baishawan.

Main Reasons to Stay in Kenting White Hotel aka Baisha Life Hotel

  • Very close proximity to Baishawan beach with a beach bar & restaurant area
  • Easy to find & park, a few minute’s walk to the beach
  • A hotel-like environment with lifts
  • Pretty quiet environment

Where is Kenting White Hotel located?

Kenting White Hotel is located just roadside of Baisha Road (153), and just crossing the street you will see Fishermans Seafood Restaurant, and then Baishawan beach with restaurants and bars and a camping area.

In previous years, when I was visiting the Baishawan area, this was almost the only hotel-like environment close to the beach, however, now several new hotels appeared in the area, so this hotel is not that exclusive anymore.

It seems that the last 2 years, that was really hard for the hotel industry in Taiwan also took toll on this hotel, some areas are not well maintained, and it has a bit of a run-down feel, especially in public areas, however, rooms are still clean and maintained at the best they can. 

Most likely you will book a room on the street side, so this is what you will be seeing from the hotel balcony:

view from balcony in baisha life hotel

View from the balcony in Kenting White Hotel

Now, it’s time to invite you to our comprehensive 360° degree virtual tour below. Be free to walk into the room, bathroom, go to the balcony and then go out to the lift, then to the lobby and then out of the hotel to get full immersion and feel how it looks like there:

Arriving at the hotel & first impressions

As you might already have seen in the virtual tour above, the hotel has its own parking lot on the right side of the hotel, and even if it would be full, the whole Baisha road is available for parking, so parking is not an issue at all, you drive car or motorbike, all can be parked easy and fast. 

kenting white hotel entrance

Hotel main entrance

Parking area at the hotel

There is a pretty spacious lobby area near the check-in counter, with a coffee machine that can be used 24h according to the check-in staff.

public rest area in hotel

Public rest area in the hotel lobby

check in counter

Check-in counter

The most questions, of course, remain to the huge, quite run-down area of the dining area in the first floor which you will cross on the way to the lifts to the room floors.

dining area in baisha life hotel

Dining area

this outdoor pool is no longer working

This shallow outdoor pool is no longer in use, while back in 2012 – 2025 I remember it open and working

It has a rundown and abandoned feel, the same as the not-already functioning shallow pool outside, which was functioning back in 2012 when I was visiting this hotel first time. 

Now, even the kitchen is not working anymore, since the breakfast is brought in from a local breakfast restaurant, which also in fact spoils a hotel experience – hotel breakfast should be, well, on plates and preferably with choices as a buffet, no need so impressive as in H-resort, or Chateau, but at least something. However, a plus from this way of breakfast consumption is that you can eat in the room on the balcony.

Hotel has a lift, which is a big plus, since sometimes you need to go through the extremely steep stairs on the upper floors with heavy luggage, like at Sea Shore Hotel in Manzhou, or Black and White Hotel on Kenting street

From the lift, there is an open backyard terrace that leads to the rooms. Ambience of this terrace can be felt in this 360° video below:

backyard terrace

Backyard terrace with guest room access doors at day time

Backyard terrace with guest room access doors at day time

Backyard terrace with guest room access doors at night time

room 307

Living art enjoys vogue guild… whatever it means. 

Kenting White Hotel Guest Room

Since this is not a “modern” hotel with a more sleek design like it is for more newly built hotels in Kenting, like for example Nanwan station hotel, this hotel is a bit of a more old-school feel, but still kept as clean as they can, except that, of course, this wallpaper in “wall style pattern” is a pain for my eyes, but of course, you can’t argue for a someone’s choice of the wallpapers…

One of the biggest bonus, of course, is the balcony – it offers a pretty big space with chairs and a table to enjoy morning coffee or evening beer (or vice versa, depending on your lifestyle). This is the video 360° ambience made from balcony, feel free to turn and look on all directions: 

As already mentioned above, this is a place where you enjoy the breakfast provided by the hotel staff at your chosen time, and it will look something like this:

breakfast in baisha life hotel

Breakfast provided by hotel looks like this

hamburger in kenting white hotel
sandwitch and salad
breakfast on balcony

You can use in-room provided coffee and tea to make it look better, like this

Small details matter - especially in hotel

if you have read other Kenting hotel reviews we have on our website, we love details – because, it has proven that the more attention to details the hotel owner provides, the better overall experience you get. Let me show you how some small, details that add a positive or negative impression of the hotel. 

chair in the guest room

Instead of the usually dusty and not fresh sofa, they decided to use this chair – overall, a good choice. 

air conditioner in the hotel

They apparently did room refreshments and re-paint, but left the old air con, so it has this old yellowish feel and look. 


This is a popular way to decorate rooms when 3 separate pictures should add to each other in one composition, but then you need always watch that they stay straight. 

power plugs

Bathroom amenities in White Hotel

Attractions and things to do nearby

Closest beaches nearby

Closest Airports

  • Lanyu Airport – 80 km
  • Kaohsiung International Airport – 85 km
  • Taitung Airport – 99 km

Suggested Places to eat and cafes


This is really good choice for a hotel in the area, even considering several minor issues discussed above, for the price you pay, it is good enough place to stay in Baishawan. 

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