Kenting Townships

Kenting Townships

Kenting Townships are townships that are partially or at whole within the territory of Kenting National Park. You can see the territory of Kenting National Park in the image on the right side.

Different colored areas signify different areas within the park, such as Historical Preservation Areas, Ecological Reserve Areas, Recreation Areas, and other. You can read about these areas types in-depth in this article

As such, Kenting National Park, therefore, is a big area that formally includes part of the territory from Manzhou Township, Hengchun Township, and Checheng Township. However, our Kenting Interactive 360° Tourist Spot Map includes tourist spots also slightly outside of the formal Kenting National Park Area, and we decided to include also Mudan Township, Shizi Township, and Fangshan Township, even if strictly and formally, these townships do not have areas within Kenting National Park. 

We did so because informally, in real life, everything down from the Fangshan Township or even Fangliao Township already has a relation to Kenting National Park – for example, some hotels in Mudan will add “Kenting” to their names, a.k.a Kenting Maldives Resort. 

Indeed, one does not need to be limited to strict Kenting National Park zoning; there is so much to see and do in the extreme southern area of Taiwan!

Kenting Townships within Kenting National Park area

Following Kenting Townships are located partially or fully within Kenting National park area:

Kenting Townships that are not formally within Kenting National Park areas, but are related to it

Following Kenting Townships are not formally within the Kenting National Park but are related to it and worth visiting:

  • Shizi Township
  • Fangshan Township
  • Mudan Township

Checheng Township

Checheng Township is located on the west coast of the Kenting National Park area, comprises 49.85 square kilometers (19.25 square miles), and has the following villages as its administrative divisions:

  • Baoli Village
  • Fuan Village
  • Fuxing Village
  • Haikou Village
  • Houwan Village
  • Puqi Village
  • Sheliao Village
  • Tianzhong Village
  • Tongpu Village
  • Wenquan Village
  • Xinjie Village

Hengchun Township

Hengchun Township is the primary and central township of the Kenting National Park, where most of the tourist spots and attractions are located, and Kenting village – from which all the Kenting National Park derives its name is located in this township. Kenting is formally a village, not a city; we have discussed this topic in-depth here.

Hengchun Township is located in the extreme south of Taiwan, and a big part of its territory is within Kenting National park with a total area of 136.76 km2 (52.80 square miles), and has the following villages as its administrative divisions:

  • Chengbei Village
  • Chengnan Village
  • Chengxi Village
  • Daguang Village
  • Dehe Village
  • Eluanbi Village
  • Jiahu Village
  • Kenting Village
  • Longshui Village
  • Nanwan Village
  • Renshou Village
  • Shanhai Village
  • Shanjiao Village
  • Shuiquan Village
  • Sigou Village
  • Tougou Village
  • Wangsha Village

Manzhou (Manjhou) Township

Manzhou township is located on the eastern coast of Kenting National Park, and is a mountainous and wild areas rich place, with a considerably big population of indigenous Paiwan people.

Manzhou Township total area is 142 km2 (55 square miles), and has the following villages as its administrative divisions:

Kenting National Park Area Divisions

kenting national park protected areas

Kenting Townships

kenting townships

Checheng Township

checheng township

Name in Chinese: 車城鄉
Chēchéng Xiāng
Area: 49.85 km2 (19.25 sq mi)
8,269 (May 2022)
Villages: 11
Tourist Spots: Link

Hengchun Township

hengchun township

Name in Chinese: 恆春鎮
Area: 136.76 km2 (52.80 sq mi)
Population: 29
,908 (May 2022)
Villages: 17
Tourist Spots: Link

Manzhou Township

manzhou township

Name in Chinese: 滿州鄉
Pinyin: Manzhōu

Area: 142.20 km2 (54.90 sq mi)
7,530 (May 2022)
Villages: 8
Tourist Spots: Link