Yongjing Village 永靖村

Yongjing Village 永靖村

Yongjing Village is at the junction of Manzhou Village in the north, and opposite Ganggang Village across Ganggang Creek in the south. It is bordered by Hengchun Town in the west and south. Liangluan River is the main river in the territory.

More than 90% of the residents of this village live on farming. The hillsides were originally planted with sisal agave, but later since there is no economic value, the farmland has been changed to pasture for the shepherd sheep industry.

Yonggang Elementary School is located in this village and most of the students from the school are from the Yongjing and Gangyu villages.

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Yongjing Village 永靖村

yongjing village

Name in Chinese: 永靖村
Yǒng jìng cūn
Population: 1436 (source)

Mt Menmaro Hills

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Sisal Factory Ruins

Yonggang Elementary School

yonggang elementary school