Jiahu Village 茄湖里

Jiahu village 茄湖里

During the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Qielake belonged to Dehe Village.

It is adjacent to Checheng Village, and it is bordered by Renshou Village to the east and Tougou Village to the south.

It covers an area of 7.2445 square kilometers with a population of 568 people. Due to the majority of people relying on agriculture for their livelihoods, it is not easy to make a living, resulting in outward migration and a sparse population. The infrastructure is relatively underdeveloped, and transportation is inconvenient.

The name “Qie (or Jia) lake” comes from a sunken “Qiedong Lake” 茄苳湖 in the area. The lake still exists today, but the water is not abundant.

Jiahu Village is adjacent to the interesting tourist spot Houwan Beach on the east side. However, it is not formally the territory of this village.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Jiahu Village.

  • 墾丁外婆家民宿(可包棟) Grandma’s Kenting B&B

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Jiahu village 茄湖里

jiahu village 茄湖里

Name in Chinese: 茄湖里
Jiā Hú Lǐ
Population: 568 (source)

墾丁外婆家民宿(可包棟) Grandma's Kenting B&B

墾丁外婆家民宿(可包棟) Grandma's Kenting B&B