Wangsha Village 網紗里

Wangsha Village 網紗里

During the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Wangsha belonged to Xuanhua Village.

During the Japanese colonial period, it was part of Wangsha Township. The name “Wangsha” originates from the fact that the Wangsha Stream flows through the area.

The name of the stream itself comes from its dense network of flowing water, resembling a mesh or net. ( – net, in Chinese). 

Wangsha is bordered by Longluan Lake Drainage Ditch and Sigou Village to the west, by Wangsha Stream, Renshou Village, and Tougou Village to the north, by Laofos Mountain and Manzhou Township to the east, and by Shanjiao Village to the south. It covers an area of 13.2418 square kilometers with a population of 3,753 people.

A significant portion of the land in Wangsha is currently occupied by the Tri-Service Joint Training Center for military training, limiting development opportunities.

In the past, it served as a major transportation route to Checheng. The present-day Wangsha settlement still consists mainly of rural traditional architecture, with many preserved Siheyuan-style buildings. Residents are mostly engaged in agriculture, and it is not easy to find shops in the area.

However, along the Provincial North Road, there has been continuous development by construction companies in recent years.

Beyond Zhongzheng Road, there are three to four-story buildings with storefronts or residential units, as well as leisure hotels such as Kenting Maldives Resort and Kenting Holiday Hotel, gradually forming a new commercial area that is emerging in Hengchun.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Wangsha Village.

  • Paradise of Deer
  • Laofo Mountain Hiking Trail
  • Kenting Maldives Resort
  • Kenting Lu Er Island Dugong Ecological Park 墾丁鹿ㄦ島水豚生態園區

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Wangsha Village 網紗里

wangsha village 網紗里

Name in Chinese: 網紗里
Wǎng Shā Lǐ
Population: 3753 (source)

Paradise of Deer

paradise of deer

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Kenting Lu Er Island Dugong Ecological Park 墾丁鹿ㄦ島水豚生態園區

Kenting Lu Er Island Dugong Ecological Park 墾丁鹿ㄦ島水豚生態園區