Changle Village 長樂村

Changle Village 長樂村

Changle Village is adjacent to Jiupeng Village in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east, and Xianglin Village in the south.

The west and east are at the junction of urban and rural villages and Mudan Township.

The upper reaches of Gangkou River flows through the jurisdiction and is the main river of the village.

This village has a vast area under its jurisdiction and its population composition is relatively diverse.

Aboriginals and flatlanders each account for about half of the total population.

One village is composed of Changle and watershed community, which is a rare phenomenon in other villages. The villagers make a living by farming.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Lide Village

  • Nanren Lake
  • Wanlideshan 萬里得山 Hiking Trails
  • Nanren Natural Reserve Area

Changle Village 長樂村

changle village in manzhou township 長樂村

Name in Chinese: 長樂村 
Zhǎnglè cūn
Population: 1519 (source)

Changle Elementary school

changle elementary school

Nanren Mountain Ecological Reserve

Nanrenhu lake in Kenting nATIONAL park

Wanlideshan 萬里得山 hiking trail

萬里得山 wanlideshan hiking trail