Shanhai Village 山海里

Shanhai Village 山海里

It belonged to Deheli 德和里 in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty and was still classified as Longquan Water Village (龍泉水庄) during the Japanese occupation. 

The old name of Shanhai Village was “Zhiguangzui” (蟳廣嘴)

It covers an area of 7.7416 square kilometers and has a population of 1783 people.

It is adjacent to the Taiwan Strait in the west, Checheng Township, Sigou Village, Deheli, South and Shuiquan Village in the north, and Longshui Village in the east.

Due to its proximity to the Strait, it was a settlement developed by the Han people very early.

Some of the Shanhai residents came from Ryukyu, and some came from Shantou, China, via Penghu Island. 

At that time, most of the residents lived by fishing, and when Sisal Industry was flourishing, it was also rich.

Nowadays, due to the development of tourism, in addition to fishing, residents also engage in snorkeling and other related tourism activities to make a living. 

Wanlitong beach is a famous snorkeling beach which is in Shanhai Village territory, the same as a popular sea resort, targeted to kids – Yoho beach resort, and Guanshan Sunset View platform. 

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Shanhai Village.

  • Wanlitong Beach
  • Yoho Beach Resort
  • Shanhai Fishing Harbour
  • Hongchaikeng Fishing Harbour
  • Hongchaikeng Beach
  • Ocean Paradise Resort
  • Guanshan Sunset View Platform
  • Guanshan Recreation Area
  • Sea Cliff Bay
  • A-Shin Choco Farm
  • Stone Bead rest area

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Shanhai Village 山海里

shanghai village 山海里

Name in Chinese: 山海里
Shānhǎi lǐ
Population: 1783 (source)

Wanlitong Beach Snorkeling Activities

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Yoho beach resort

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Shanhai Fishing Harbour

shanhai fishing harbour

Guanshan Sunset View Platform

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