Chengxi Village 城西里

Chengxi Village 城西里

Chengxi Villagewas named after including the West Gate into its borders. It belonged to Xuanhuali in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty.

When the residents used to call it “the county seat”, it belonged to Hengchunzhuang. It was divided from Chengbei Village in 1943. It covers an area of 0.5392 square kilometers and has a population of 1306 people. The scope is the area west of Zhongshan Road and along the west gate to the south gate, which is the commercial area of Hengchun

The old vegetable market was originally here, and there are double storefronts along Wenhua Road (the house is very long, with a patio in the middle, the front is a storefront that can do business, and the back door faces the street, which is also a storefront that can do business).

Hengchun Mazu Temple, Sanxian King Temple, and the former Confucius Temple are all located here. Today’s Presbyterian Church, Lutheran Church, Catholic Church are also here.

It should be the center of worship and belief in Hengchun and the business district.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Chengxi Village.

  • Hengchun Mazu Temple
  • Hengchun West Gate
  • Lutheran Church
  • Hengchun Old Street
  • Hengchun Nightmarket
  • A-Jia’s house from Cape Nr.7 movie

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Chengxi Village 城西里

城西里 chengxi village

Name in Chinese: 城西里
Chéngxi lǐ
Population: 1306 (source)

Hengchun Old Street

hengchun old street

Hengchun West Gate

hengchun city west gate