Gangzai Village 港仔村

Gangzai Village 港仔村

Gangzai Village is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in the east, Jiupeng Village in the south, and Mudan Township in the northwest. The main river is Gangzai River (Stream).

The village has a narrow hinterland, and the Zhongshan Fishing Port is located at the northern end of the village. Most of the residents are mainly engaged in fishing.

In the past, Gangzai Village was the settlement of Paiwan ethnic group. However, throughout history,  Amis people from the Hengchun area also settled here. 

Gangzai village was used as a passing point on the Langjiao Beinan Historic Trail, but today because it is now at the end of Taiwan Provincial Highway 200, and rebuilt, it is not convenient anymore. 

There are Jiupeng Elementary School Gangzai Branch in the territory, and Jiupeng Base of Zhongshan Academy of Sciences is located in this village and Mudan Township.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Gangzai Village

  • Gangzai Great Desert
  • Zhongshan Fishing Harbor
  • Kenting Soared Sada People

Gangzai Village 港仔村

Gangzai Village 港仔村

Name in Chinese: 港仔村
Pinyin: Gǎng zai cūn
Population: 300 (source)

Gangzai Great Desert

gangzai great desert

Entrance to Gangzai Village

entrance to gangzai village