Chengbei Village 城北里

Chengbei Village 城北里

Chengbei Village is named after the inclusion of Beimen (North Gate) in the former village.

During the Qing Dynasty, it belonged to Xuanhua Village, known as the county city.

During the Japanese occupation, it belonged to Hengchun Township. The area covers 0.2402 square kilometers and has a population of 2902.

Its boundaries start from Fude Road, meeting Zhongshan Road, and its northern boundary extends from the city walls along the North Gate to a small section of Hengbei Road.

Its eastern boundary follows the city walls from the North Gate to the East Gate, and the intersection of Fude Road and Dongmen Road with Chengnan Village marks its southern boundary.

During the Qing Dynasty, there was a military camp at the North Gate, and few households lived there. Nowadays, there is a new market in this area, which has brought commercial activities.

However, it used to be a district where low-income households lived, such as the area near the East Gate and from the North Gate along Hengbei Road to the netting area. 

There is a lack of water resources, and it is relatively difficult to cultivate. The residents around the East Gate and Hengbei Road mostly rely on odd jobs and buying second-hand goods for a living.

Along Fude Road and Xinxing Road, there are more prosperous commercial activities and many private clinics.

Around the 70s, the population of Hengchun increased significantly during the construction of the Third Nuclear Power Plant, and many detached houses were built in this village, such as the farmers’ housing estate near the East Gate and the area along North Gate Road.

In the 80s of the 20th century, with the soaring land prices, many beautiful detached houses were built in this village.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Chengbei Village.

  • Hengchun North Gate
  • Hengchun East Gate
  • O2 Deli restaurant
  • 恆春鎮第三號公園 Hengchunzhendi No.3 Park

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Chengbei Village 城北里

chengbei village

Name in Chinese: 城北里
Chéngběi lǐ
Population: 2604 (source)

Hengchun East Gate

hengchun city east gate

Hengchun North Gate

hengchun city north gate