Xianglin Village 響林村

Xianglin Village 響林村

Xianglin Village is separated by Lanren Creek in the east, facing Lide Village, and adjacent to Hengchun Town by Laofo Mountain in the west. Ganggang Creek is opposite to Manzhou Village in the south, and Changle Village is in the north.

The villagers are simple and honest. The northeast is a large area of virgin forest. “Panzijing”, which is rich in betel nut, is a popular betel nut in the Hengchun Peninsula area.

It is a major specialty of the village. The Longquanyan Rock is located on Fulin Road in the village and was founded in the fifteenth year of the Republic of China.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Lide Village

  • Longquanyuan Rock

Xianglin Village 響林村

xianglin village 響林村

Name in Chinese: 響林村 
Xiǎng líncūn
Population: 957 (source)

樂逃園 Campground in Xiangle Village

樂逃園 Xianglin village