Lide Village 里德村

Lide Village 里德村

Lide Village faces the Pacific Ocean to the east, Gangkou Village to the south, Manzhou Village and Xianglin Village to the west across Ganggang River (stream) and Lanren River (stream), and Changle Village to the north.

Lide is famous for Jialeshui Scenic area, it is within the jurisdiction of this village and is a part of Kenting National Park.

It is backed by the coastal mountains, Taiping Mountain, and is located near the Pacific Ocean.

Lide Village’s coastline is 2,000 meters long and 100 meters wide.

birds eye view on lide village in manzhou

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Lide Village

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Perhaps one of the most expensive rooms you can book in the whole Manzhou area is a Presidential Suite in Star Villa in Lide Village in Manzhou Township. 

Located in the pure mountain wilderness, it is an incredible retreat from the crowds on the Kenting Street. 

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Lide Village 里德村

里德村 Lide Village in Manzhou township

Name in Chinese: 里德村
Lǐ dé cūn
Population: 476 (source)

Chufongbi (出風鼻) Scenic Spot in Lide Village

出風鼻 chufongbi scenic spot

Paiwan locals performing in Lide Village

local paiwan people in manzhou, lide

Star Villa 星苑民宿 in Lide Village

the star villa manzhou 星苑民宿

360° Video View on Mountains from Star Villa in Lide village

Eagle Watching Platform in Lide Village

eagle watching platform in lide manzhou