Shuiquan Village 水泉里

Shuiquan Village 水泉里

Shuiquanli belonged to Deheli during the Guangxu period in the Qing Dynasty, and was called Shuiquanzhuang (水泉莊) during the Japanese colonial period.

To the west of Shuiquan Village is the Taiwan Strait; to the north is Shanhai Village; to the east is Daguang Village;

Shuiquan Village covers an area of 11.5025 square kilometers and has a population of 1569 people. Except for the coast, Shuiquan Village is mostly platform hills. 

The east side of the hillside platform is rich in water, and residents can eat white rice; the west side is short of water, and most of them eat sweet potatoes.

In the early days, the residents of Shuiquan Village made a living by farming and fishing; today, thanks to the developed tourism industry, many coastal residents make a living by paying parking lots, operating jet-skis, and taking passengers for snorkeling, and activities related to Baishawan Beach and Maoubitou Park. 

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Shuiquan Village 水泉里

shuiquan village 水泉里

Name in Chinese: 水泉里
Pinyin: Shuǐquán lǐ
Population: 1569 (source)

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Maobitou in Kenting national park

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