Shanjiao Village 山腳里

Shanjiao Village 山腳里

The Shanjiao Village (if translated from Chinese, it literally means “foot of the mountain” is named after the “foot of the Chiniu Ridge”.

It belonged to Xuanhuali (宣化里) in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty.

It was originally the place where the Pingpu people lived during the Japanese occupation period.

The current area is adjacent to Dehe Village and Longshui Village in the west; in the north, it takes Hengxi Road to the south along the west gate city wall to the south gate ring, and then along the city wall to the east gate.

Manzhou Township is adjacent as well as Nanwan Village. 

Shanjiao Village area has a total area of 11.4773 square kilometers and a population of 4918 people.

The area of this area is very vast. Inside is the Hengchun Medical Center of Pingtung Hospital.

Originally, the area near Hengchun Industry and Commerce Districts was full of rice fields. 

Because the nuclear power plant  3 singles dormitory was built in Hengnan Road directly opposite Hengchun Industry and Commerce Area in 1974, and Hengchun Industry and Commerce District also had more than 200 residential students, and there were many people eating out at night, so There are many new food stalls on Hengnan Road.

Opposite Hengchun Industry and Commerce park, it was originally a two-story residential area, but around 1984, on the fourth line of Linping Goose Highway, Qiaoxing Construction Company built two large leisure hotels, which also changed the appearance of the place.

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Shanjiao Village 山腳里

shanghai village 山海里

Name in Chinese: 山腳里
Shānjiǎo lǐ
Population: 4918 (source)

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