Renshou Village 仁壽里

Renshou Village 仁壽里

Renshou Village belonged to Renshouli in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. Different, in fact, but generally the same thing.)

The west side is adjacent to Jiahu Village; the south part is adjacent to Wangsha Village; the east side is a small section adjacent to Manzhou Township; the north is adjacent to Checheng Township. 

Renshou Village is the northernmost village in Hengchun, with an area of 11.2626 square kilometers and a population of 1072.

There is Hutou Mountain in the west of the village, which is now used by the military as a shooting range.

There is an Hengchun airport in the east, which is also used by the military; therefore, the population density of Renshou village is low.

In addition, Renshou Village is being run through by the Ping’e Highway (Highway 26), which is divided into two parts.

Most of the residents work in agriculture. To the east of Ping’e Highway, near Xincuo, the utilization rate of farmland is not high; and there are many beautiful and classical houses that have been abandoned and uninhabited.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Renshou Village.

  • Hengchun Airport
  • Seamount Go-kart track
  • Taiwan International Go-kart track
  • Taiwan Niu Beef Noodle Restaurant

Additional Resources on Renshou Village

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Renshou Village 仁壽里

Name in Chinese: 仁壽里
Rénshòu lǐ
Population: 1000 (source)

Taiwan Niu Beef Noodle Restaurant

Taiwan Niu Beef Noodle Restaurant

Hengchun Airport

hengchun airport