Chengnan Village 城南里

Chengnan Village 城南里

Chengnan Village is an administrative district in this town and is named “south of the south gate.” During the Qing Dynasty, it was part of Xuanhua Village, while the residents on the Hengchun peninsula commonly referred to the southern and northern parts and the three eastern districts collectively as the “county town.”

During the Japanese colonial period, it belonged to Hengchun Township. The name “Chengnan Village” emerged after the restoration of Taiwan.

It covers an area of approximately 0.7423 square kilometers with a population of 1032 people.

Its boundaries extend eastward from Zhongshan Road, northward along Fude Road to the city wall of the east gate, and southward along the city wall to the roundabout of Nanmen Road (east of Nanmen Road).

Chengnan Village is the cultural and administrative center of Hengchun, hosting various public institutions such as the town hall, library, town council, Hengchun Junior High School, land office, household registration office, tax office, fire department, Hengchun Substation, Jianmin Police Station, as well as the First Bank, meteorological station, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Station, forming a line with high density of government offices in the village.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Chengbei Village.

  • Hengchun East  Gate

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Chengnan Village 城南里


Name in Chinese: 城南里
Chéngnán lǐ
Population: 1032 (source)

Hengchun East Gate

hengchun city east gate

Pingtung County Hengchun Township Office

Pingtung County Hengchun Township Office