Nanwan Village 南灣里

Nanwan Village 南灣里

Nanwan Vilage belonged to Zhihouli during the Guangxu period.

During the Japanese occupation, the north belonged to Bitou Village and the south belonged to Eluanbi Village.

After the restoration, it was designated as Nanwan Village.

Today, the west is bounded by Ping’e Highway and Longshui, the southwest is adjacent to Daguang Village, the south is the Nanwan Sea, the west is adjacent to Kenting, and the north is adjacent to Shanjiao Village and Manzhou Township.

It covers an area of 10.9913 square kilometers and has a population of 2028 people. Nanwan Village nose head to the mountain to go to the old Longluan Mountain and Longluan Community.

Most of the residents are farmers or working at Nuclear Plant or in the tourism industry, which is especially active due to the very popular Nanwan Beach recreation area.

The row of stores on Nanwan Road opposite to the third plant is mostly for the catering business, renting motorbikes, and some breakfast parlors.

There are also retired soldiers in the inner alley, of the residential district. In addition to the seafood store and the snorkeling and diving centers, there are also many grocery stores specializing in the tourist business. 

Every holiday is crowded with people, and there are often traffic jams.

At the beginning of the establishment of the power plant, the government had expropriated land, and the original residents either relocated to the state house opposite to power plant or moved to the government-built houses on the seaside in the South Bay.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Nanwan Village.

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Nanwan Village 南灣里

daguang village

Name in Chinese: 南灣里
Nán wān lǐ
Population: 2028 (source)

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