Nanwan Station Hotel on South Bay Beach in Kenting

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Nanwan Station Hotel on South Bay Beach in Kenting

Nanwan Station Hotel in Nanwan is a very solid choice to stay in the Nanwan beach area.
This hotel offers a pretty solid breakfast, fairly spacious rooms, a direct view of Nanwan (south bay) beach from the Balcony, and next door it has a very popular Italian Seafood restaurant Piccolo Polpo.

Main Reasons to Stay in Nanwan Station Hotel

  • Direct view of Nanwan Beach from the balcony
  • Own parking right near the hotel
  • Almost a beachfront hotel – only Kenting road to be crossed
  • Piccolo Polpo Italian Seafood Cuisine is next door
  • Pizza Rock restaurant is within 5 minutes of walking distance as well
  • Lifts (an unusual thing for small hotels in Kenting)

Where is the Nanwan Station Hotel located?

Nanwan Station hotel is located at the westernmost corner of Nanwan beach, here is the exact location on google maps.

If you book rooms with a balcony (in this post we will be reviewing room that is called Quadruple Room with Sea View), then this is a view you will be getting from the balcony:

nanwan station hotel in kenting

View from the balcony to Nanwan Beach. 

Arriving at Nanwan Station Hotel & Lobby

When you arrive at Nanwan Hotel, most likely there will be at least 1 place to park a car, or otherwise, if you rented a motorbike, then no issues at all. If the room is not yet ready, be sure to check if Piccolo Polpo restaurant next door has a place, it is really a solid choice for seafood in Nanwan beach. 

view on the parking from nanwan hotel lobby

There are at least 3 places to park a car in from of the hotel. 

These tables in the morning can be used for breakfast, which is prepared by hosts right on the place (not brought from the nearest breakfast shop – they really cook right on the spot, there is a kitchen near the lobby, a really big plus. Many hotels in Kenting, don’t bother and bring you simple boxes from the nearest breakfast shop, and that spoils all the staying-in-the-hotel feel. 

Fast noodles, snacks, coffee, and tea are available in the lobby area 24 hours a day.

snacks at nanwan station hotel
coffee and tea in nanwan station hotel

The lobby area boasts with modern design, everything is fresh, clean, and recently built. It looks like the hotel is built not so long ago.

A nice surprise is a lift – usually what you have in Kenting Hotels, especially in the Kenting street area, is small, steep steps, where you struggle with heavy luggage as hell, while here – a lift!

An extreme example of such steps was in an otherwise nice hotel in Manzhou, near Xinghai harbor. This hotel on Kenting street had awful steps, and even more bad rooms.

Now, as you can already guess if the hosts care to make breakfast themselves, care to install the lift – room should not disappoint as well. And yes, it did not.

Now, I guess it is time for you to walk around in a full 360° Virtual Tour within Nanwan Station hotel.

You can not just walk in and out of the room, but I even connected this tour to Piccolo Polpo restaurant next door, so you can walk in there as well. 

Nanwan Station Hotel Room

Quadruple Sea View room in Nanwan Station Hotel keeps the modernistic style we saw down in the lobby, and immediately what catches the eye are diagonal style walls behind the beds:

guest room in nanwan station hotel

This wall power plug feels too high, but most likely it is meant to be for hairdryer, when you dry hair outside of the room:

power plug on the wall in nanwan hotel

Again, to view all the angles, up and down, and around – go visit our virtual tour above, those photos can catch only small angles – this is why we have whole the project in 360° :).

However, this 360° Video, will give you some insight of an ambience in the room, and you can turn it to all sides as well:

Nanwan Station Hotel Balcony

The balcony definitely is a big plus, and there are 3 chairs and a table, to have an afternoon beer on it, if you are too lazy go down to the beach, where actually are some decent beach bars located – not a usual thing for Taiwan beaches. 

You probably saw the balcony already in our virtual tour, so now check out the 360° video:

balcony on nanwan hotel

The view from the balcony is top-notch, you can see the whole Nanwan beach from the eastern corner to the western one, and the Maanshan Nuclear Station domes at the back add finishing touches for Nanwan beach.

nanwan beach after sunset

Nanwan beach after the sunset. View from the Nanwan station hotel balcony

If you are familiar with how things are organized in Nanwan beach, you probably know, that the “left side”, (if you look from the balcony), is all given to crazy water motorbike drivers, who pull banana boats and other floating things, and pull peoples on safety vests behind, then the middle of the beach – all in umbrellas and plastic chairs, you can rent for 200 – 400 NTD, depending on the season, and then the most far away part is all surfers paradise. I suggest you walk through our full Nanwan beach virtual tour here, this will give you full understanding of it.

Nanwan Station Hotel Bathroom

The bathroom is quite of a luxury feel. In the virtual tour above, you could walk it and out, however, here again – try look our 360° video as well:

I actually love the turquoise blue walls and the fact that they installed the bath AND the shower as well.

These Eco Organic shampoos and body washes were good as well. Everything is new, and clean – 10 of 10 for the bathroom!

bathroom in nanwan station hotel
natural body wah and shampoo in nanwan hotel

Bathroom Amenities in Nanwan Station Hotel

bathroom amenities

Attractions and things to do nearby

  • Nanwan Beach – 100 m
  • Pizza Rock – 100 m
  • Piccolo Polpo Italian Restaurant – next door
  • Houbihu Marina – 6.7 km
  • Hengchun Old Town – 5.4 km
  • Maobitou Park – 5 km

Closest beaches nearby

  • Nanwan SouthBay beach – 100 m

Closest Airports

  • Lanyu Airport – 80 km
  • Kaohsiung International Airport – 81 km
  • Taitung Airport – 95 km

Suggested Places to Eat & Cafes


If you want to stay right in the Nanwan area, then Nanwan station hotel is a good choice – new, freshly decorated rooms, lift, almost a beachfront property with breakfast, and balcony with a view – definitely worth a try.

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