Jiupeng Village 九棚村

Jiupeng Village 九棚村

Jiupeng Village is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in the east, Changle Village in the south, and Mudan Township and Gangzai Village in the north.

The stone house is pretty short, only three or four feet, and is said to be the home of the disappeared dwarf natives.

There is an unspoiled artificial rainforest area nearby. There are more than 2,000 kinds of plants in the area, accounting for about half of the plants produced in Taiwan.

It is a “living specimen garden” highly respected by scientists who study tropical rain forests around the world.

This village is a remote village, with sand piles like mountains from the coast to Hong Kong, which can be opened up as a recreational area to drive local development.

 At present, the government has constructed Taiwan 25th line of coastal highway through Nanren Road in this village, and the coastal line to Haikou Village.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Lide Village

  • Nanren Lake
  • 埤亦山 Piyi Mountaint Hiking Trails
  • Nanren Fishing Harbour
  • Nanren Natural Reserve Area
  • Bitou Grassland

Further read

Liu Yiyi (劉怡邑) strives to attract more ecotourism to Jiupeng village: LINK

Jiupeng Village 九棚村

jiupeng village 九棚村

Name in Chinese: 九棚村 
Jiǔ péngcūn
Population: 300 (source)

Nanren Lake

Nanrenhu lake in Kenting nATIONAL park

Bitou Grassland

bitou grassland 鼻頭草原