Manzhou (Manjhou) Township

Manzhou Township

The origin name of “Manzhou” comes from three different languages with various tones; during the Japanese occupation era, Japanese language was derived from the Hokkien (Minnan) language “mosquito cricket” and “mosquito cricket” was derived from the aboriginal language of “ㄇㄤ” which means stinky since the aboriginal people used to mainly hunt for a living, they were not good at managing finance, and the environment was bad.

Location of Manzhou Township

Manzhou Township is located at the southeastern end part of the island, with the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Bashi Strait in the south, and the end of the Central Mountain Range in the interior

From Cape Eluanbi to Jialeshui, and from the well-known Kenting to the unknown Manzhou Township, this small east coast is full of Kenting  flavor, and the magnificent Longpan Prairie is covered with the blue Pacific Ocean, 
windbreaker, exotic pastures, and Jialeshui with coastal wonders.

Going further into the mountain, you will see there are carefree children playing or running freely in front of their houses on the road, or maybe they are singing and eating with a snow-white ice popsicle.

The people here are friendly and nice, unlike the superficial vibe in the city, so this is Manzhou Township.

 With its rich and unique ecological landscape shapes, it was called as the “Natural Academy” in Taiwan.

Characteristics of Manzhou Local People

In Manzhou, there are many, friendly Minnan locals and enthusiastic Paiwan aboriginals.

Due to the integration of various ethnic groups, a unique culture has been cultivated.

Manchu folk songs, Niu Mu Companion, Wukong Minor….etc., it shows the hardship of life and the different stage of development from the mountains and forests spirits.

These are all rare gifts given to us by God.

Manzhou residents sincerely invite you to visit them.

As locals say, experience Manzhou’s “Picturesque mountains, pure water, and hospitality” at its best. 

Manzhou Township Highlights

One-third of the town was classified as a special ecological protection research zone. You can read more about the special areas and zones of Kenting National Park in this article. 

The climate is unique, there’s not much temperature difference every year, and it is located in the tropical marine climate.

As autumn and winter come every year, the northeast monsoon and terrain influences form a unique “katabatic wind” or downslope wind in Hengchun Peninsula. 

The weather is pleasant during the four seasons, suitable for taking as a shelter from the freezing weather, boiling hot sunny days, and could be a travel destination as well.

The endless stretch of Pangula grass on both sides of Taiwan County Highway 200 (A) is blown by the breeze, forming waves of grass after waves, and thus has the reputation of “the most beautiful road in Taiwan”.

On the way to Manzhou Township, the fragrance of the flowers spreads everywhere; the golden yellow and huge grass balls make people feel like they are in a foreign pasture. Because of this, Manzhou is sometimes called a little Switzerland

You can even see all kinds of birds spreading their wings and soaring in the sky; the strong surfers sometimes flow and ride along the waves, and the Gangkou tea that has been circulating for more than a hundred years, the unique sweet and bitter taste is one of a kind, and only hangs on the drying rack.

The dried flying fish in the sun shows the infinite vitality of the ocean; the desolation of the Jiupeng Desert, one can’t help but admire the ingenious arrangement of the creator.

Located in a remote village area, Manzhou Township does not have the material wealth as in the urban industrial and commercial society, but with its rich natural landscapes, marine activities, ecological characteristics, and humanistic feelings are like shy girls.

Only by taking the initiative to visit, we can discover the truth, pureness and beauty of Manzhou Township.

Manzhou (Manjhou) Township Administrative Divisions

Manzhou Township total area is 142 km2 (55 square miles), and has the following villages as its administrative divisions:

Manzhou Tourist Attractions and Places to See

Manzhou Township Location

manzhou township

Name in Chinese: 滿州鄉
Pinyin: Manzhōu

Area: 142.20 km2 (54.90 sq mi)
7,530 (May 2022)
Villages: 8
Tourist Spots: Link

Manzhou Pangula Grass Harvesting

manzhou as little switzerland of taiwan

Manzhou Paiwan locals in Lide Village

local paiwan people in manzhou, lide

Taiwan County Highway 200

taiwan county highway 200

Manzhou Eagle Figure on Manzhou Wenhua Street (look down!)