Area Types of Kenting National Park: Historic, Recreation, Ecological Preserve and others

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Area Types of Kenting National Park: Historic, Recreation, Ecological Preserve and others

We thoroughly discussed zoning areas in this post –  52 areas or zones of Kenting National Park. However, in that article, we focused more on the area names, which actually were more of formal divisions in even squares, as it was designed and set up by Kenting National Park headquarters
It looked like this:

official zoning of kenting national park

52 areas or zoning of Kenting National Park

In this article, our focus will be on parts of the Kenting National Park – such as Ecological Reserves, Scenic Spots, and similar.  

In the project area of national park, national park is mainly established to protect the country’s unique natural landscapes, wildlife, and historic sites, and to fulfill the recreation and research needs of the people.

Kenting National Park was planned as the first national park of Taiwan in September of the seventy-first year of the Republic of China, and after the official establishment of the management office of Kenting National Park in the first month of the seventy-third year of the Republic of China, initial area conservation management and utilization was executed.

To protect the local natural environment, cultural environment, landscapes, and other natural resources as well as their ecology, as well as simultaneously to respond to its intellectual recreational functions, currently, based on the needs of operation and management, Kenting National Park is dividing the park into five parts, which is better to explained simultaneously looking at this diagram below: 

protected areas of kenting national park

Kenting National Park Headquarters is dividing the park into five parts: “Ecological reserve area”, “Special landscape/scenic area”, “Historic preservation area”, “Recreation area”, and “General confine area”.

(1) Ecological Reserve Area of Kenting National Park

Ecological reserve area – regional ecosystems that are strictly protected to provide ecological research. Due to less human interference, the ecosystems in this area are still preserved in their original state, and the organisms inhabiting here are diverse and representative. Unauthorized entry into this area is strictly prohibited. These areas are shown in red in the above diagram. You can find an online interactive version of such a map here

ecological reserve areas in eluanbi

We can see many such (green) ecological reserve areas right near the Eluanbi Park. 

These areas include Mount Nanren Ecological Reserve Area, Chuanfan Rock, Sand Island, Longkeng, etc.

(2) Special Landscape or Scenic areas of Kenting National Park

Special landscape/scenic area type  – refers to areas where special natural landscapes cannot be recreated by human beings and where developmental activities are strictly restricted. These areas are marked by orange color in above map. 

These areas include the winter migratory bird area of Longluan Lake, tropical rainforest, the nursery of Gangkou, Dajianshishan, Xiaojianshishan Mountain, Guanshan Mountain, Baishawan (White Sand Beach), Fengchuisha, elevated coral reefs of Sheding, coral reef coast of Jialeshui and Maobitou, coral reef coast of another coastal coral land, and other scenic spots. Almost all areas of Eluanbi Park thus fall under this area as well. 

(3) Historic Preservation Areas of Kenting National Park

Historic preservation area – an area used to preserve important prehistoric sites, post-historic cultural sites, and valuable monuments. These areas include the Eluanbi Lighthouse and the slate house of Nanren Shan (or Nanren Mountain). These areas are marked in red in the above map. 

(4) Recreation areas of Kenting National Park

Recreation area – area allowing limited use of resources and construction of appropriate recreational facilities for tourists to carry out outdoor recreational activities. These include Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, Nanwan, Jialeshui, and Maobitou.

Jialeshui scenic area

Jialeshui Coast Scenic area is an example of such type of area

(5) General confine areas of Kenting National Park

General confine area – refers to rural housing, office, schools, transportation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, etc. These include Manzhou Township, Kenting Main Street, and other. 

52 areas of Kenting National park and main attractions there – infographic by

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