Gangkou Village 港口村

Gangkou Village 港口村

The Gangkou village is adjacent to the Pacific Ocean in the east, and the mouth of the Gangkou river, where bamboo rafts can be parked, borders with Hengchun in the southwest, and Yongjing and Manzhou in the north.

The village faces the Pacific Ocean and the coast is rich in resources.

Most of the villagers rely on the sea for their livelihood.

There is a strong downhill wind from September to March of the following year, and the crops cannot be harvested.

Therefore, farmers have changed to growing pasture grass, and some farmers have grown famous Gangkou tea.

The whole village is planned within the Kenting National Park, and it is not easy to carry out construction.

Gangkou Village features several famous tourist spots, especially famous is Gangkou Surfers Beach, and Yucun park, which first is one of the most famous surf spots in Taiwan, and second is a great place to catch stunning sunrise pictures. More on this, in this article

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Gangkou Village 港口村

gangkou village 港口村

Name in Chinese: 港口村
Gǎngkǒu cūn
Population: 1458 (source)

Yucun Park

Gangkou Beach

Sunrise in Gangkou Beach

sunrise on gangkou beach