Manzhou Village 滿州村

Manzhou Village 滿州村

Manzhou Village can be described as the administrative, cultural and educational center of the Manzhou township. The township office, branch office, Manzhou elementary school, health center, household registration office, township library, post office, and Zhaoling Palace are all located on Zhongshan Road.

The Zhaoling Palace in this village was built around the time of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty. Shuntian Temple is located on Laofo Road, and the statue of Ancestor Niangniang has a history of more than 100 years.

The village covers an area of 8.92 square kilometers and is adjacent to Lide Village in the east, Yongjing
Village, in the south, and Xianglin Village in the north.

Main Attractions and Tourist Spots in Manzhou Village

  • Kentington Resort
  • Youjia Old House
  • Pinnacle 168 Pass Road
  • Chiu Ji Seafood Shop
  • Xue’s Stinky Tofu
  • Heart Lake
  • Large banyan tree

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Manzhou Village 滿州村

滿州村 Manzhou Village

Name in Chinese: 滿州村
Mǎn zhōu cūn
Population: 1757 (source)

Kentington resort

kentington resort in manzhou village

Xue Stinky Tofu

Heart Lake

heart lake manzhou village