Sea Shore Hotel in Manzhou, Kenting

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Sea Shore Hotel in Manzhou, Kenting

Sea Shore Hotel (很久以前濱海民宿) is a cozy, small Xinghai Fishing Port front hotel located in the Manzhou area of Kenting National Park. Choosing a VIP room will give you a stunning beachfront view of the harbor from the balcony and the bedroom window.

Main Reasons to stay at Sea Shore Hotel in Manzhou, Kenting

  • A stunning view of the Xinghai Harbour, pure Manzhou Township atmosphere & spacious VIP room makes a pleasant stay in this area.
  • 5 – 7 min drive to such popular tourist spots as Jialeshui Beach, Gangkou Beach (surfing spot), Gangkou Suspension Bridge, and Manzhou city itself.
  • A chance to try authentic Manzhou stinky tofu in this restaurant;
  • 2 brilliant beachfront cafes are nearbyOcean Day by Day Cafe & 有點。鹹cafe, last one is just literally next door to this hotel. 

Where is the Sea Shore Hotel located?

Sea Shore Hotel is located in the “wild east” side of Kenting, Manzhou area near Xinghai port & Xinghai beach, but not yet within Manzhou city itself. It is around 22 km, back to Kenting Nightmarket by car, so consider this, if you want to visit Kenting Street food stalls and attractions on the same evening. 

front side of sea shore hotel

On the front side of Sea Shore Hotel, there are 3 parking places for cars. 

Sea Shore Hotel Lobby

The first thing to note, and plan ahead if you want to stay in this hotel – if this looks like a restaurant for you when actually it is not – dinner is not served here.

360° degree view of Sea Shore Hotel Lobby area

his is what we learned the evening we stayed here – when we went down to see if we can eat dinner here, we were told that they do not serve food here, and offered options where to go – our choice is Xue’s Stinky Tofu Restaurant in Manzhou, it is really famous, almost always busy, so go early. 

What I understand, even if this area looks like a cafe or restaurant, it now merely serves as a waiting area for check-in, while they are still cleaning the rooms.

Going up to the VIP room

One thing to consider, when you book these charming, but otherwise, pretty old local buildings in Taiwan, is that the stairs to the upper floors almost always will be very steep, and narrow.

if you are with 2 luggage suitcases in every hand – poor you, of course, these B&Bs have no lifts (with an exception of one in Nanwan, which we will review in further posts). 

backyard entrance to b&b

The entrance to the stairs that go up to the room is actually from the backyard. But, all this and considering that you live in an authentic finishing village – is just part of the charm. 

Sea Shore Hotel VIP Room

If you read my other Kenting hotels and B&B or resort reviews on vr-kenting website, you know that we provide a full 360° VR tour and 360° videos – so you can fully immerse yourself and feel how it is to stay there.

You can start with this room VR tour first, take a look and walk yourself:

The first thing you notice when you go into the room is a bit of unusual planning, after going in you immediately face the corridor wall, but the room is cozy and pretty spacious, with 2 main living areas – bedroom, and living room, with a dining table, and then bathroom area with a separate sofa bed. 

vip room in sea shore hotel

This is also a family room – as you can see, the living area has a master bed, and then the left sofa bed is still there, and one more sofa bed is near the bathroom. Spacious!

Note, that this is a 360° degree video, use the youtube app to view it if you are on a mobile device. 

The same area features an unexpectedly big dining table, and thatš not counting the smaller journal table near TV!

Journal table and sofa bed

Notice that the journal table stands on the carpet, and the second sofa bed is having power plugs on both sides – really a thing that many, even boutique hotels are lacking. 

TV in sea shore room

Considering that this small table is black, it is still impressive that it has no scratch on it. 

dining table in sea shore hotel vip room

The dining table is really big, and there are 4 chairs to sit. 

view from the bedroom

The VIP room in Sea Shore Hotel really has a VIP view out of the window.

The Balcony

If the room is big, then the balcony is not smaller – it even has this vintage bathtub standing there – I am not sure if you will be really using it – and by the way, this is not the first B&B in Kenting, where we see such outdoor bathtub. 

outdoor bathtub
one chair only

This apparently is a smoking place, even so the room is featured as a non-smoking room.

xinghai harbour view

View from a balcony to Xinghai harbor. 

view on the other side

This is a view on the other side – to the street side – absolutely stunning as well, with an actual small fishing village vibe!

Bathroom Area in Sea Shore hotel

If already took a walk in our Virtual Tour above, you probably already saw that after passing a corridor you find your self at bathroom area, where one more sofa bed is located. This is how it looks like in 360° video:

Note, that this is a 360° degree video, use the youtube app to view it if you are on a mobile device. 

one more sofa bed near the bath tub

This area starts with one more sofa bed, right near the indoor bathtub – and that’s not counting the regular shower as well!

bath tub

This is a 360° degree video again, this time even from a toilet, and of you take the VR tour, we posted in above, you can also walk in the shower area as well. 

Bathroom Amenities in H-resort Standard Twin Room

bathroom amenities in sea shore hotel

Attractions and things to do nearby

  • Chufengbi – 15.6 km
  • Jialeshui Falls – 6.2 km
  • Jialeshui Scenic Garden & Area – 5.6 km
  • Eagle Watching Platform – 9.6 km
  • Old Sisal Factory Ruins6.6 km
  • Yucun Park – 2.3 km
  • Diaoqiao Wetland Park – 2.4 km
  • Gangkou Suspension Bridge – 2.5 km
  • Xue Stinky Tofu Restaurant – 9.6 km

Closest Beaches Nearby

  • Jialeshui Beach – 4.3 km
  • Gangkou Beach – 2.2 km
  • Xinghai Beach – 0.1 km

Breakfast in Sea Shore Hotel

Breakfast will be given to you right to the room – with plenty of coffee and tea to drink. 

breakfast with a port view

What a way to start your day – a calm & sleepy fishing harbor view and a western breakfast. 


Or if you feel hot – right in the air-conditioned room, there is a dining table for that. 


There are pros and cons to a staying in Sea Shore Hotel in Manzhou, and pros are surely more than cons – the only cons i can imagine is not immediate proximity of a convenience store – you will need to go to Manzhou for that, and a lack of dining place in walking distance. However, as it is with everything in Kenting – have a car or bike, and you are all good to go!

Want to stay in the villa in Manzhou Mountains instead?

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