Cat Abuse Case in Houbihu, Kenting enrages netizens in Taiwan

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Cat Abuse Case in Houbihu, Kenting enrages netizens in Taiwan

The animal protection issue has recently attracted attention in Houbihu Scenic Area in Kenting National Park. A video posted in one of the Facebook groups shows a young man repeatedly tossing and throwing a white cat and sometimes even hanging it in the air.

This group, according to the poster of the video, had multiple cats with them. 

22-year-old suspect, a man surnamed Lin, arrived at the questioning the case by police in mid-June of 2022, arguing that he accidentally slipped while picking up the cat to dry his body.
However, police believed that the evidence of the abuse of the cat in the film was clear, and the letter was sent to the Agricultural Division of the Pingtung County Government for injunction according to the violation of the Animal Protection Law.

Animal protection issues have attracted attention; some people in the Kenting National Parks Houbihu Scenic Area parking lot on the morning of the June 14th recorded a family with several domestic cats; a young man pulled and threw one of them, and suspected abuse of domestic cats were recorded and then posted on the Facebook community “米克斯傳奇 ” causing public outrage.

The poster also mentioned, “There is a whole video I took, I recorded the for 8 minutes, the current temperature is 32 degrees, this family has 4 or 5 cats, each of them is used to pull & throw, this is happening today June 14, morning 11:14.”

Netizens were indignant and pointed out that it was awful and asked the law enforcement unit to find out the lousy abuser, save these poor kittens, and even more bitterly criticized, “this will be revenged!”.

cat abuse in kenting

In this caption from the video, we can clearly see, that it was not an accident, and the cat abuse was an intentionally done act. 

After receiving the message, the Hengchun police contacted the animal protection department personnel of the Agricultural Department of the county government to start an investigation, and according to the car registration number seen in the video, it was found that it was a 22-year-old man surnamed Lin who lived in Pingtung City, and rented a car with a number of friends to visit in the intertidal zone of Houbihu in Kenting on the same day. 

Police also added, that If due to improper protection management, the animals raised are maliciously or unreasonably harassed, abused, injured, or abandoned,  a fine of not less than NT$15,000 and not more than NT$75,000; intentionally injuring or causing injury to an animal, resulting in severe disability of the animal’s limbs or loss of vital organ function, may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 2 years or criminal detention, fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 2 million yuan.

Hengchun police said that the Animal Protection Law stipulates that "no one shall harass, abuse or harm animals.

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