Black and White Inn on Kenting street - I am not staying again

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Black and White Inn on Kenting street - I am not staying again

I want to make this right since beginning – I rarely if ever even write hate reviews, I do not like this, I am a firm believer in a fact, that you get what you think and talk about, and the more you complain you get more to be complained about. However, sometimes, it really needs to be said, and if a place charging as much as 5000 NTD per night could be this seriously bad in terms of management and cleanliness – I want to talk about this Black and White Inn in detail.

The main selling point of Black and White Inn of course is the balcony. It is a way, really a way bigger than other similar hotels facing Kenting main street and night market, and then as you can see, it even have a big swing chair there, so grab a bear, just walk down to the nighmarket for snacks – and simply immerse yourself in meditative bliss, within iconic Kenting nightmarket.

Well, not so fast.

Balcony at the night time (yes, nighttime, and later you will know why) – is pretty impressive, but this is actually, that can be said about the place – in positive manner. 

See, I get it – when you stay in any of B&B’s on Kenting street – you DO NOT expect, anything even close to Chateau Beach Resort, 4 Sisters Villa or Caesars Resort, I get that OK.

There is a special charm to staying in those usually cramped, small rooms, with balconies directly facing into street vendors – you stay for a vibe!

And while it can be simple – it must be clean, safe and you need to feel that there is at least some host or manager at least little bit caring about the facilities.

Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館

Wanna lifehack in Kenting hotels to see if they were cleaned? Check the balcony door between the room and balcony itself.

OK, maybe I am picky, they just did not “see it” – well, come on – this is a month worth of stock of dirt here, but, lets go open the fridge:

Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館

Oh yeah, this is a place you also do not check after every customer? What if someone left dead rat there? Talk about food safety, or… do I want to much.

Remember – it costs 5000 NTD/night for that particular time of the year and date we was there. 

Now, after this – you get annoyed – probably you know how it is, and your eye starts to catch all those small things, which otherwise maybe you will ignore.

Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館
Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館
Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館

Wanna more? In  fact, in the bathroom – just near the hairdryer – there was a chewing gum stuck right on the wall – I was too disgusted to even take a photo of it. 

Wanna towels in this hotel? How about these single use pieces of shit:

Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館
Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館
Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館

That’s right – you want me dry myself after the shower with something that not only feels and looks like tissue paper – in fact it likely is, because that’s what is written on it!

Want to hang it somewhere?

Try again.


Now, again – balcony, really the ONLY selling point here, but, can you at least paint the pipe:

Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館

Once again – Kenting Street Hotels are not (and actually should not be all) – luxury styled villas with pools – they have their own vibe, they can be even old – unless they are clean, and well managed.

Black and White Inn 黑與白時尚會館 – is not. Idea was really great – cozy Kenting style and beach items shop downstairs, and you live upstairs with this fantastic balcony.

But take a look at our VR tours and 360 degree videos below, and see if you want to try yourself. We will not, sadly.

Take a walk in 360 degree Virtual Tour, go down to the street, look around – such a nice location, and such a bad execution.

This a room ambience – 360 degree video inside the hotel room. 

Here is the street downstairs – if you look up in the video, while using your VR mask, or just on your phone or PC – you will see balcony. While balcony view looks like this:

Nighttime Kenting Street Ambience:

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