Kenting Live Streaming Cameras

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Kenting Live Streaming Cameras

I will be starting this post to collect the live streams and kenting live cams that are available now, and will appear any time soon online. At this moment, I’ve found 3 of them – one is located on Just Hi就是海沙灘海景民宿提供 B&B, and offers a view on Nanwan Beach, while other are in Kenting Main street, and Houbihu, and Maobitou. 
In fact the live feed always changes, these tend to come on and off line periodically, so I will be trying to update this as fast as I can. 

Live Cam in Nanwan Area in Kenting

Live Cam on Kenting Main Street

Live Cam in Kenting Houbihu Marina

Live Cam in Wanlitong Kenting

Live camera in Chuanfan Rock (sailrock) beach in Kenting

More 2 live streaming cameras from Kenting Nightmarket

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