5 Things You Might Not Know About the Eluanbi Lighthouse

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5 Things You Might Not Know About the Eluanbi Lighthouse

The Eluanbi Lighthouse is Taiwan’s most famous lighthouse, located at the southern tip of the island and built in 1881. The lighthouse has a rich history that reflects the gradual development of Taiwanese culture, and these five facts about it might surprise you!

5 facts about Eluanbi Lighthouse

  • The Eluanbi Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Taiwan.
  • It was originally built to protect ships in the Taiwan Strait during the Qing Dynasty.
  • It is located on the peninsula of Eluanbi and can be seen from both sides of the strait.
  • It has been in use since 1906 and is still an active lighthouse today.
  • It is called “Light of the Asia” because of its intense light – strongest in Taiwan.
eluanbi lighthouse

The Eluanbi Lighthouse is one of the most iconic landmarks in Taiwan. It is located on top of a rock that’s two meters above sea level, making it the tallest lighthouse in Asia. The lighthouse has been an important navigation point for ships since its construction in 1887 and still remains so today.

Eluanbi Lighthouse is a vital part of Taiwan's history

The white lighthouse, also known as the ‘Heaven’s Light’, is one of the most prominent landmarks in the country and has been a part of Taiwan history since 1881. Built by the Dutch colonial government, it became a critical defense point for administering military power to protect ships and sailors at harbor during World War II.

The lighthouse was built in 1881 and is Taiwan’s oldest existing lighthouse. It’s not only a landmark, but a historical monument as well.

The Eluanbi Lighthouse is also involved in many cultural festivals, celebrating its irreplaceable value.

Eluanbi Lighthouse has been an icon for ships going out to sea and entering harbour

The construction of the lighthouse was completed in 1906, and has been an icon for ships going out to sea and entering harbour. It is believed that the lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in region. The light emits a white flash every five seconds and it can be seen 11 miles away

The lighthouse was the first in Asia to be made using steel

The Eluanbi Lighthouse was built in 1881 for the Dutch East Indies Postal Service. It was originally constructed from concrete, but, in 1979, a steel replica was constructed of it because the original had started to wear away. The original lighthouse is still there and stands at 60 meters tall.

When you visit Eluanbi Lighthouse, you can have a visit to a whole park along with a lighthouse itself, including ocean view platforms, coastal trails, caves and more. 

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Eluanbi Park Obelisk

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