Eluanbi Park Obelisk - why is it there?

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Eluanbi Park Obelisk - why is it there?

Eluanbi park obelisk or monument was erected to commemorate Cape Eluanbi as one of the 8 views of Taiwan, at the time when Eluanbi was on this list. Cape Eluanbi was nominated in 8 views of the Taiwan list in 1927, at that time – under Japanese occupation, and the list was selected by voters of  Taiwan Nichinichi Shimpō magazine.

In 1927, besides the Cape Elunabi other places on this list where as follows: 

  • Rising Sun Hill, now Sun Yat-sen Park, Keelung
  • Tansui
  • Eight Immortals Mountain
  • Sun Moon Lake
  • Alishan
  • Ape Hill (now National Sun Yat-sen University)
  • Cape Eluanbi
  • Taroko

As you can see in our Eluanbi Monument Virtual Tour above, if you stand anywhere near the obelisk, you can see Eluanbi Lighthouse just as it is pictured in just about any classic postcard view pictured anywhere. 

It is interesting to mention here, that the next time when the list was edited, in 1953 by so-called Taiwan Provincial Government of Republic of China, Eluanbi was not included any more in the list, however, when in 2005 the list was revised once again, Eluanbi is back there again, however, now it is under Kenting, and yes, Cape Eluanbi is indeed one of the most important places to visit in Kenting and monumental part of Kenting National Park.


If you have a VR mask, go ahead and try the 360-degree video above to get a real feel of the laid-back atmosphere near Eluanbi Park Obelisk

You can see that people mostly are trying to get a quick selfie near the monument, sometimes with Eluanbi Lighthouse together before moving on to other attractions in the park, such as Mystery cave, Ancient cave, Ocean view platforms, and nature trails. 

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