Dirty Black Drain Water in Nanwan Beach Spoils The View

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Dirty Black Drain Water in Nanwan Beach Spoils The View

Famous beaches such as Nanwan (South Bay) and Dawan (Big Bay) of Kenting National Park were praised by the tourism industry as beaches comparable to international-class beaches. Recently there was an appearance of dirty “black drain water” on the beach that completely spoiled someone’s vacation, so claims were made on the social network for authorities to check this. 

“Beautiful Kenting has become like this, and it is extremely exaggerated!” said tourists.

Yi Zhang (張怡) and other members of the council of the environmental protection unit of Pingtung County went to the Kenting National Park Headquarters (or management office of Kenting National Park) today to understand the situation.

The management office explained that there were sewage treatment plants at two places, and sewage was discharged from upstream not-taken-over households into the wild creek.

There was sedimentation that was formed at the estuary and then exposed to the sun, and it had been gradually withdrawn for treatment.

The west coast of Kenting National Park had many wild creeks, and during summer the sewage accumulated at the mouth of the creek was blocked by the beach and cannot be discharged into the sea, Yi Zhang (張怡) said, adding that after sun exposure, organic matter would emit a stinky smell, and there were dirty “black drain” next to the Nanwan (South Bay) and Dawan (Big Bay) recreational beaches which are popular as beaches for tourists to engage in water activities and surfing, and this would make tourists lose interest to come on or pass by these beaches with international standards, or to wade through the water.

Since Dawan beach now, except for the area near Chateau Beach Resort is closed for swimming, Nanwan, therefore, is most affected by this situation. 

She continued by pointing out that the perception would be terrible when the recreational beaches managed by the national park turn into this, and the source of sewage should be solved entirely so that it would not happen every year. 

We already wrote about a similar situation in Houwan beach, where a similar sewage problem is causing a different, albeit more nice effect of green carpet algae on the rocks

Enteromorpha prolifera

Similar sewage problems are causing Enteromorpha prolifera to appear in Houwan (Back bay) beach in Kenting as well. 

The management office of Kenting National Park was currently possessing two sewage treatment plants at Nanwan and Kenting, with an annual operating cost of 20 million new taiwan dollars.

Nonetheless, there are still some households at the upstream of wild creek that had not been managed, and the sewage was discharged into wild creek, it accumulated at the mouth of the creek, and it caused odor following the sun exposure.

The management office withdrew and reprocessed, but this was only treatment of symptoms, she said, adding that the three popular recreational sea/marine areas which included Wanlitong, Baishawan (White Sand Beach)  and Chuanfan Rock (Sail Rock Beach)  contained no sewage treatment plant so far.
Again, we would like to add Houwan beach, which was not mentioned by Ms, Yi Zhang (張怡) in this case, as well. 

“If tourists know that civil sewage of the local areas are discharged into the sea area they are playing, they would be scared to death,” said Yi Zhang (張怡), adding that the management office should come up with a way for long-term cure of the root cause.

The sources of sewage of “black drain” on the beaches of Dawan and South Bay of Kenting were the upstream not-taken-over households which drained the sewage into wild creek, and the hotels in Kenting area had set up sewage treatment plants, Shu-kuo Hsu (許書國) as the deputy director of the management office of Kenting National Park said, adding that there were also crops in the upstream, and sewage containing organic waste was deposited at the estuary and then got exposure by sunlight. 
During the rainy season “black drain issue” would not happen, according to him. 

Hsu (許) further pointed out that the sewage had been successively withdrawn to the sewage treatment plant in the two places; the water resources department of the county government led the sewage treatment plant, and it had been planning to set up the sewage treatment plants in places such as Wanlitong, Baishawan (White Sand), Hongchaikeng, and Chuanfan Rock, before gradually achieving the goal of water purification in the whole sea area.

Similar sewage caused issues in Houwan Beach

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