H Resort in Kenting Shizih - A Deep Dive Review

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H Resort in Kenting Shizih - A Deep Dive Review

H-resort is an upscale sea view resort with a pool facing the sea and offering infinite sea views from every room and ] great in-resort dining opportunities – starting from buffet dinner & breakfast with a great selection of food, and ending with a unique 360 degree shaped UFO lounge, that offers a panoramic view on Hengchun Peninsula and stunning sunset views. 

Main Reasons to stay at H-resort in Shizih, Kenting

  • Every room in the resort is a sea-view, so even if you do not visit a UFO lounge for an afternoon tea, you will see a sunset over the Hengchun Peninsula
  • U.F.O lounge is a one-of-a-kind lounge bar & cafe that offers a 360-degree view of the sea and a laid back view on Provincial Highway 26 
  • The dining is really good – buffet-style dinner food selection is great, comparable to the one you get in such landmark hotels of the Kenting as Chateau Beach Resort, or Caesars Palace. 
  • Infinity Pool is not only well maintained and clean, but the kid’s pool area is enclosed from adults are, so that two do not mingle (which is a common issue in Taiwan resorts).
  • Air Corridor is an attraction for those who love making a lot of Instagram photos or just love panoramic sea view walks. 

Where is the H-resort located?

H-resort is located around a 40 km drive away from real Kenting, so if you plan to visit Kenting Night Market, or Dawan or Kenting beach on the same day, you most certainly will not have time for that. 
H-resort address can be found in above on google maps, or you can use this:

No. 60, Lane Zhukeng, Zhukeng Village., Shizi Township, Pingtung County, 94352

Arriving to the resort & parking

The first thing you need to note is that parking is located far away from the hotel lobby, and what you need to do is to go up the hotel lobby first, leave the luggage and then go back down several levels to park the car.

parking in h resort

As you can see from this photo above, after you park the car, you will need to walk back through this spiral driveway, which sometimes in the middle of the summer in Kenting can be challenging, especially for the elderly. This is why the resort offers a shuttle bus to parking, but they won’t offer you anything unless you ask!

Now, take a look wouldn’t this 360° video made near main entrance to H-resort. The bus standing there is actually waiting for the passengers to go down to the parking area, but you wouldn’t know if you don’t ask.

H-resort hotel lobby hall

Once you get to the resort, the first thing you will see (at least at the time of our arrival) is the installation of Cherry Trees, mainly of course to take pictures. Take a look on it in our 360 degree video, and also have a walk around in virtual tour in H-resort hall at floor 1.

H-resort hotel room review

As mentioned above, H-resort all rooms are actually sea view, which is a big plus, unlike Chateau Beach Resort where so called “mountain view” rooms actually are parking lot view rooms. 

H- resort offers following type of the rooms at the time of writing:

  • Deluxe Single Room
  • Standard Twin Room
  • Honeymoon Room
  • Deluxe triple room
  • Deluxe double room
  • Family suite
  • Family deluxe suite

We stayed in Standard Twin Room, so this is what we will review further down this post. 

Take a look on the 360° degree Virtual Tour inside of H-resort Standard Twin Room:

Now, we can see why it was worth staying so far away from the Kenting village itself, and not visiting Kenting National Park yet.
The view is just stunningly beautiful!

H-resort room from the design resembles more of some classic business hotel, rather than a resort, however, everything is really to expectations in such class hotel, clean, smells good, and there is a little of what we call “attention to details” in our reviews. If for example in Nandian Homestay in Eluanbi, these small things that make you feel good, and attract attention were little pigs on the bed, then in H-resort – tea and cookies on the table:

tea and cookies in h resort

Minibar complimentary drink selection is minimal:

complimentary mini bar drinks h resort taiwan

Check out room gallery photos of H-resort standard twin room. 

Bathroom in H-resort standard twin rooms are made with a transparent wall to the living room and have a bath and separate shower cabin. Selection of amenities meets expectations.

Most of the amenities, such as shampoo, lotion, or conditioner are from the Italian brand Culti Milano.  


Night View from H-resort room balcony – 360° Photo

Bathroom Amenities in H-resort Standard Twin Room

Attractions and things to do nearby

Closest Beaches Nearby

Room Facilities

Air Corridor Glass Walk in H-resort

Air Corridor is a glass walk between main building and UFO lounge and Infinity Pool in the ground level.
Seeing is believing, so check out below 360° footages – Air Corridor in Daylight, Air Corridor after Sunset and ambience 360° video near the lift to UFO lounge at the end of air corridor. 

Air Corridor in H-resort at daylight 

Air Corridor in H-resort after sunset

Infinity Pool in H-resort

One of the main activities you can do while at H-resort is their Infinity Pool.
The infinity pool is divided into 3 main areas – the main swimming area near the so-called “pool bar”, which, unfortunately, is how it’s usually happening in many Taiwan beach resorts – or is not functioning, or is just serving as a lifesaver station and towel dispensing place, kids pool, and SPA area. 

Full Virtual Tour on Infinity Pool & 22° cafe in H-resort

Beach chairs are (again as usual) not enough for everyone, so if you come at busy times, you sure will have no place to put things, not talking about laying down on chairs.

Come at the morning (and this is what I did in the epic 360° virtual tour and videos below, and you will see that almost no one is there, and almost all chairs are free. 

360° degree video – SPA area & Kids Pool in H-resort

On another side of the adult pool, you will find an SPA area, with several SPA spots that are activated by pressing buttons, and that will create a bubble bath. 
The third part is located after a glass wall and is a shallow kids pool.

In the website of H-resort itself, they mention the 22° cafeteria, however, at the time of my Virtual Tour, it was either closed or closed permanently. 
Take a walk on this tour in 22° cafe terrace and walk up the steps to the main pathway to the hotel lobby.
It looks abandoned to me, and I do not feel it still operates, considering the way how the chairs and tables look like.
There is also no roof or at least umbrellas there, considering the weather in Kenting, it might be too hot to sit there without umbrellas as well. 

VR Zone in H-resort

Our resource is all about VR experience and 360° type travel videos, so it is always nice to see VR rooms in hotels, and there is one in H-resort as well. Again, again and again – PLAN your time when you want to come here – come at 4 or 5 P.M, and you will likely have no place, it also needs to be booked in advance, however, if you come just after check-in -usually, no one is there. 

VR Zone Charges and Rules.

$200 for one game. Max. 2 people at same time.

$500 for any selected 3 games. Max. 2 people at same time.

Dining in H-resort - Breakfast & Dinner

As mentioned above, H-resort is actually located in Shizih area, so if you plan to stay in H-resort be sure to order half-board since it will be pretty hard for you to find a place to eat outside of the hotel in the area, especially if you do not have a car. 
Dinner is worth to take it, it is a buffet-style eat-as-you-can dinner, and resembles a typical resort experience you would except at such a dinner. Breakfast takes place in the same restaurant on first floor. 

Virtual 360° Tour in H-resort restaurant at dinner time

Let me walk you through what dishes and what kind of food was served at the time I was in the resort.

buffet restaurant in h resort taiwan

Food is served in an “as you would” expect manner – drinks, salads, soups, all are served at separate places.

cake shelf in h resort

Good selection of cakes and other sweets in H-resort.

drinks in h-resort

Drinks in H resort – different kinds of juice, and milk tea.

sausages in h -resort
vegetable salad bar in h resort

Vegetable Salad Bar

star fruit and watrermelon

Fruit selection is not big in H-resort

shaoxing garlic steamed mussel

Shaoxing Garlic Steamed Mussels

roast beef with sichuan pepper

Roast Beef with Sichuan Pepper



sakura shrimp snowflake broccoli

Sakura shrimp snowflake broccoli

roasted beef

Roasted Beef

pickled vegetables

Pickled Vegetables

sashimi area

Sashimi self-serving area in H-resort

stewed lamb

Stewed Lamb

pork knuckles

Pork Knuckles

bread area
coffee and tea


Is it worth staying at H-resort? Yes, if you have at least 2 nights in Kenting National Park, in this case, you can stay a night in H-resort and then the rest of the nights in other areas of Kenting National park

Before I leave you with your decision, let me give you this 360° video which offers immersive H-resort balcony ambience.

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