Lion Head Mountain Square 獅頭山廣場

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Lion Head Mountain Square 獅頭山廣場

Lion Head Mountain square in Shizi Township - is it worth to stop by?

Shizi area & township lion head mountain square is a before active place with a view landmarks to stop by and take pictures if you are driving back from your Kenting Trip.

This place is located on the side of the Coastal Highway 1, on the direction back to the north, so it will be more convenient to visit on your way back from Kenting.

Virtual tour of Lion Mountain square in Shizi township

Or maybe you no need to visit it, since we made a pretty extensive vr 360-degree tours, one of them you can see above, and videos will be placed below. 

The most interesting attraction if you want to call it like this – is the wooden photo frame which you can use to make a photo with a gorgeous sea view on the back.


wooden frame in shizi

Shizi and Fangshan townships are sure on the way to back from Kenting National Park, and when you are still on the way, then not that far away but the other side of the coastal highway are located a bunch of coffee cars offering even better view with coffee and cakes – like this A-jie road side coffee car

Now, it’s time for you to feel the vibe of this now abandoned tourist place on the way to Kenting – take a look at these 360-degree videos, and decide will you stop by here or not. 
However, perhaps the biggest attraction and landmark in Shizih is H-resort hotel.

Address: 943屏東縣獅子鄉

943, Pingtung County, Shihzih Township

Open: 24h 7days

This is the place to stay in Shizih Area

H-resort is the one!
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