5 different Kenting Cafes for You To Consider

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5 different Kenting Cafes for You To Consider

Kenting National Park besides the beautiful beaches, mountain sceneries and lush gardens also offer great dining and food adventures and in this post we are going to discuss 5 completely different and not similar to each cafes to visit while you are traveling in the Kenting. 

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Hetian Coffee and A-jies Beach View Coffee Trucks in Fangshan

If you are not living in Kenting, or Hengchun township – and chances are – you are not living there, you will be coming down to enjoy your Kenting holiday from north, and most likely you will be going down via coastal highway 1.

That will bring you through Fangshan Township 枋山鄉, where at least for me – Kenting Holiday mood sets in and this is almost always a first place to stop after a long drive down to the south.

When you pass Fangliao township, this will be the place when you will start to notice a sea on your right, and this is a time to start watch for a really famous Fangshan Coffee Truck cafes that are located just on the road, and offers stunning sea views, access to a rocky Fangshan beach and some really nice coffee and snacks!  

A-Jie 阿傑咖啡 Coffee Truck near Fangshan Beach

We have a full blog post written in more details about this place you can check it here

A-jie offers pretty good selection of coffee and teas, some pancakes and the like – nothing fancy, but you should not expect more from a coffee truck near the beach, this is why this post is called 5 different cafes in kenting.


Drive few kilometers down, and there is a similar, albeit, bigger place, which is already located near some landmark, called Turtle Rock, and so you have a roadside truck cafe with a landmark view!

kenting beach cafe prices

A-jies cafe menu with prices in Taiwan Dollars

Hetian roadside beachview cafe ambience

Working Hours and Address of A-jies and Hetian cafes are as follows:

A-jies cafe 阿傑咖啡
Western Mainline Line, Fangshan Township, Pingtung County, 941

Every Day, 9:30AM–6PM
Tuesday, Closed

Hetian Cafe 荷田咖啡
Pinge Rd, Fangshan Township, Pingtung County, 941

Works every day from 9AM to 5PM

Ocean View Cafe in Kenting Chateau Beach Resort

Want airconditioned room instead, with a comfy sofas and ice cream menu? 
Then head to the Ocean View Cafe in Chateau Beach resort (and then probably get a room there as well).

Ocean View Beach Cafe in Chateau Beach Resort in Kenting Dawan. 

When you look around the 360 degree video below, be sure to take attention on 2 things. First, listen to the sound ambience – it really have this jazzy ambience here, so if you want pull out notebook and work a bit – feels just right. 

Location: Kenting Chateau Beach Resort, Provence Hall 2F

Working Hours: 9:30 – 24:00

Ocean Day By Day Cafe in Manzhou (Under Star Cafe)

ocean day by day cafe in manzhou kenting

Ocean Day by Day Hotel Park & Cafe is a semi-paid entrance based grassland with haystacks and chairs and coffee and ice cream shop facing ocean.

This is a whole place of interest and landmark itself to visit, so it really should go high in your wishlist.

Once you pay entrance ticket you will be able to spend it on a coffee and ice cream and sit either outside, on those chairs near haystacks, or inside, where the menu is more serious with some rather expensive, but good pasta and similar dishes.

When you walk around this place in above Virtual Tour, notice the indoors cafe entrance. 
Let me show you how does it look like inside:

ocean day by day kenting cafe indoors
milk tea in ocea day by day cafe

Enjoy this view while still sitting in airconditioned room

pasta and iced herb tea in kenting cafe

Iced herb tea and bacon pasta in Ocean Day By Day Cafe in Kenting 

Once thing to be aware of when you plan to visit this place – this cafe is pretty pricey – here is our receipt where we paid NTD 840 (around USD 28) for a 2 pastas and 2 drinks.

prices in kenting cafe near ocean

The best way to find this place is to use hotel name – Ocean Day By Day Hotel. However, in some other sources it will be also called Ocean Star Cafe, and even Ocean Star Lab.

No. 33號, Xinghai Rd, Manzhou Township, Pingtung County, 947

Open Daily from 10AM to 8:30PM

UFO lounge in H-resort - Panoramic View of the Beach

They say picture is a worth of thousand words, we say full virtual tour is worth of thousand pictures – just check this out and walk around this place while enjoying sunset over Hengchun Peninsula!

What’s even more great about this cafe is that it serves starbucks coffee here. 

Opening Hours
Last Order: 18:30

Minimum Spending Amount here:
Adult: NT$500+10%
Child: one beverage (Children are defined as those of 110cm to 140cm in height.)

*Limited seating. Please book one day in advance.

Booking Hotline: 08-877-1777ext. 8552

UFO cafe lounge menu and prices in kenting

As usually on our site, we also offer you full virtual immersion here with a 360 degree video:

Ocean Rose Ocean View Afternoon Tea in Eluanbi, Kenting extreme south

afternoon tea and coffee in eluanbi kenting

Ocean Rose Ocean View Cafe & Brunch is decorated with Eluanbi Lighthouse theme inside.

Ideal place to stop by for a breakfast and brunch, if you live in any of small B&B’s in Eluanbi or Chuanfan rock area, or if you plan to visit Shadao Beach which is just in front of the cafe.

western style breakfast in kenting

Western style brunch in Kenting Ocean View cafe

I will leave you here with a 360 degree ambience video and a full photo gallery to enjoy. 

Kenting national park is a really big area that takes a big part of Pingtung county and there are really many cafes to choose – however we decided give you a choice of 5 different feel and look places to have a different angle of view and memories from your trip to Kenting. 

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