All Kenting Hotels with Prices: Accommodation in Kenting Total Analysis

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All Kenting Hotels with Prices: Accommodation in Kenting Total Analysis

Last May, we started an article series to understand the whole landscape of hotels, homestays, B&B’s, and resorts located near or inside Kenting National Park. The first trial article we published last May included all pricing analyses for September 2022.  You can read this study here

In this article, we are continuing the price study for various accommodation options in Kenting, and this time we are again using data from Still, this time, we will be using accommodations that are showing as available to book for early October 2022. 

It is important to mention, that as a filter to search for the hotels available to stay in Kenting, I am using a filter option: “Kenting National Park”, and in this way, filters out not only hotels strictly inside the Kenting, but also whole Hengchun Township, and Manzhou Township as well. 
Formally there are more townships related to Kenting National Park area, especially Checheng township, but for – it does not include anything else, except these that will be shown further below. 

kenting national park search filter

It is also important to mention, that if searched and filtered this way, will also (by default) include the villas with several bedrooms as well, so this study will include such villas and holiday houses as well, even if formally a filter set for a 2 adults only. 

At the time of my study, such a filter returned a total of 359 different accommodations for a stay in or near Kenting National Park. 

It is more, than 336 places we got for filtering results in a study for a september 2022

LocationQuantity of AccomodationsChange with September 2022
Eluanbi47+ 6
Hengchun162– 17
Hsi-p’ien-lu1+ 1
Kenting79– 2
Manzhou13– 3
Nanwan52+ 5
Shanhai1+ 1
Sigou2– 1

Table 1: Number of accommodations per area, and changes from the last study

As I mentioned above, in this way, while, is making it easier for them to maintain the database, it does not help you a lot to understand where these locations are exactly, except maybe Manzhou and Nanwan, are quite descriptive. 
As I wrote in the separate section about Kenting Townships, formally there are 3 townships, that are within our near Kenting National Park:

kenting townships

Townships within of near Kenting national park. 

Now, in the coming days the separate area on our resource will be added with administrative divisions of each of those townships, but biggest issue with sorting in my humble opinion is with Hengchun Township. You simply can’t mark a Baishwan area as “Hengchun South Gate”, or even a hotel near Maobitou, also is hardly a “south gate”. 
In further studies, I plan to separate these artificially, however, now you must know, that for, Hengchun city, Houbihu Marina, and Baishawan (White Sand Beach) are not separated. 
I will also include Checheng township manually in the study, especially because the Houwan Beach area is under it. 

kenting accomodations distributed per each area

Graph 1: Kenting accommodations distributed per each area

The Cheapest Hotel in Kenting in October 2022 & Top 10 cheapest hotel rooms in the area

Same as I did in our last study, let me sort the whole list of hotels from the perspective of cheapest price:

Hotel NameLowest Room Price, USDHighest Room Price, USD
Dajenshan Hotel2367
Kenting Dajianshan Cabin2364
Kenting Coral Holiday2687
Rich House B&B2774
Kenting Airport Homestay2862
Mulin B&B2989
Blue Sea Inn3061
Chamie B&B3054
Snore Inn3048

Table Nr.2: Top 10 Cheapest Hotel Rooms for a 2 person stay in Kenting National Park for October 2022.  (same data for September 2022 is here)

Believe it or not, but as it was for September 2022 study, the cheapest possible room you can book in Kenting is again Dajenshan Hotel, and it is the same price – $23 per night. 

Cheapest possible room to stay in Kenting is again in Dajenshan Hotel - $23 per night.

It is worth mentioning again, that even for the cheap price, the hotel is located a very good location:

location of the cheapest hotel in kenting

The location of the cheapest hotel in Kenting is very solid. 

I haven’t stayed there, so I can’t recommend or not recommend it, but in terms of location – it is almost perfect – walking distance to Kenting National Forest Recreation Area, Kenting Night Market. is just down the street, and Dawan Beach is in walking distance, and the famous Smokey Joes restaurant as well. 

kenting dajianshan hotel - cheapest hotel in kenting for october 2022

Cheapest hotel in Kenting in October 2022 – photo from

Most expensive hotel room you an book for a 2 person in Kenting in October 2022.

The previous study that we made, as we recall, showed that the most expensive stay at that time was Chuanfan600villa Kenting. However, I believe that it could be a mistake, and somehow still showed that time NTD – New Taiwan Dollars and not USD for a particular location. 
If you sort the prices in for a 2-person stay in Kenting to show the highest prices first, most likely it will show some entire holiday home or villa, with many bedrooms, which actually will distort study a bit (but I still will show you which one is it).

So, strictly for a hotel room… for 2 person stay… in October 2022… the most you can pay in Kenting… the winner is…. drumroll….

Hotel NameLowest Room Price, USDHighest Room Price, USD
Kenting 4 Sisters Villa1821188
Onion Manor B&B11141114
Volando Kenting5441088
槺 inn841841
Kenting Four Season Villa538807
The Costa Azul Kenting Resort787787
He Yuan Yue She666666
Sky Villa – 南灣薇拉莊園566632

Table 2: Top 10 most expensive accommodations in Kenting.

Volando is interesting and somewhat “secret” place. I am yet to stay there, I can not proudly say that I did already, but its prices are in average, even higher than such most popular and go-to options for a luxury stay in Kenting as Caesar Park Hotel and Chateau Beach Resort.  

What are you getting for 1088 USD per night in return? 


Volando Kenting Resort – image source, volando resort.  

$1088 room appears to be a 2 florr sea view suite, with a personal spa tub. 

According to This room includes: · Brunch · Light snack · Dinner · Guided tour activity, which requires reservation 7 days in advance

most expensive hotel room in kenting

Most expensive room in whole Kenting area.

There are several things I would like to mention, in case you decide to book this room or the cheaper options they have. 

1) While this room is literally facing the sea, it is not like you walk out of the room and jump into the water, such a thing is possible for example in Chateau Beach Resort

2) This room is located almost literally within the Houbihu Marina – there are some really good places to walk, and even swim – Houbihu Snorkeling Beach, Little Bali beach, and the famous seafood restaurant area in Houbihu Marina.

3) Houbihu Marina is a port from where you can take a ferry to Orchid Island – makes sense to book a night in Volando, if you plan to go to Orchid Island the next morning, you can make such an itinerary for your next trip. 

Otherwise, as you can see formally the biggest money possible to shell out for 1 night is for a separate villa in 4 sisters villa complex

4 sisters villa expensive option

This price gives you five bedrooms, and actually, 4 sisters villa is an excellent choice just near Chuanfan rock beach; they have cheaper options as well, like this room we have on our interactive map

4 sisters villa listing on

The cheapest room in Manzhou area in Kenting in October 2022.

Hotel NameLowest Room PriceHighest Room PriceLocation
Kenting Afei Surf Hotel Jialeshuel Nanu58127manzhou
阿郎衝浪旅店A-lang House70618manzhou
On Board Hostel7474manzhou
Lugo Hotel84161manzhou
Butterfly B&B84118manzhou
Little Piggy B&B9898manzhou
Ocean Day By Day129263manzhou
Wild East Villa132229manzhou
星苑 Villa168505manzhou
Manzhou Rosa House202202manzhou

Manzhou area is located on the east side of Kenting National Park, sometimes referred to as the wild side of Kenting, so naturally, choices are more petite. 

The cheapest possible room to book in Manzhou will be at 樂水情緣寵物生態民宿 homestay, it is the same as we found in the last study for September. 

location of the cheapest hotel in manzhou

The location of the cheapest stay in Manzhou is not “premium”. 

It is still a motorbike driving distance from a famous surf spots like Jialeshui and Gangkou Beach, and you can drive to a city to try Manzhou famous stinky tofu

From above table I personally stayed in 星苑 Villa, you can read about it in this post.

Another solid option in Manzhou, but not reflected in the above table, most likely because of the availability for selected dates is Sea Shore Hotel

Most Expensive Accommodation in Manzhou, Kenting in October 2022.

In our last study most expensive price you could pay was for a Rainbow After Rain Property, while this time formally the highest tag is for 阿郎衝浪旅店A-lang House, and this price will give you an apartment to rent with as many as 7 bedrooms.

most expensive room in manzhou

However, if we want a room for a 2 person only, then the most expensive option is Star Villa, we stayed there, and here is a whole blog post about the presidential suite in star villa in Manzhou.  

360° full virtual tour in the most expensive Manzhou hotel room. 

Methodology of Study

It is basically the same as we did in the last study for September 2022, and if you want to read about it, you can visit September 2022 study here

Whole list of All Hotels available for a book in early october in Kenting.

Hotel NameLowest Room PriceHighest Room PriceLocation
Dajenshan Hotel2367Kenting
Kenting Dajianshan Cabin2364Kenting
Kenting Coral Holiday2687Nanwan
Rich House B&B2774Kenting
Kenting Airport Homestay2862Hengchun
Mulin B&B2989Hengchun
Dajenshan Chalet3074Kenting
Kenting 1663030Kenting
Chamie B&B3054Hengchun
Snore Inn3048Hengchun
Blue Sea Inn3061Eluanbi
Star Inn 8883182Kenting
藍洞潛水Blue Hole Dive Center3150Hengchun
Kenting Sea Cloudless Day Home3387Kenting
Hai Yuan Bungalow3384Kenting
Heart Seed B&B3450Kenting
Love in Hengchun B&B3474Hengchun
Kenting Blue Bay Inn3687Nanwan
Kenting Peninsula Inn3660Kenting
Wu Li Ting B&B36101Hengchun
ZL Homestay3670Hengchun
Hengchun Inn3670Hengchun
Fumigate Hotel3871Hengchun
Kenting Dream House3999Kenting
MoMo B&B39161Hengchun
Mu Yu B&B3939Hengchun
小棧旅店 The Little Inn4081Nanwan
海沐輕旅 Sea Mu Kenting4050Nanwan
Hai Yuan Bungalow II40133Kenting
Da Wan Hostel4087Kenting
A Cup Hostel4067Kenting
Melinda Resort40312Hengchun
Hi Young Castle40128Hengchun
Xiang Xiang4087Hengchun
Mumu Inn4067Hengchun
Swallow Home4061Hengchun
藍洞青旅 Blue Hole Backpacker Inn4054Hengchun
Next Stop B&B4054Hengchun
墾丁好消息民宿Good News41176Hengchun
Kenting Location Hotel – Loving Nan Wan4290Nanwan
T. T. House42370Hengchun
Lang Qin B&B43350Nanwan
Emilia Villa43403Hengchun
Zuo Xiu B&B43130Hengchun
墾丁ㄧ夏漾旅店Summer Delight B&Bㄧ近南灣沙灘一國旅卡特約店44150Nanwan
Nanwan Jiahewu Inn44108Nanwan
HELLO Make Yourself at Home44101kenting
Star Travel B & B4467Hengchun
SUN 9 Inn4450Hengchun
Tranquil Sea Hotel45128Nanwan
The Moment, The Ocean B & B4575Nanwan
Summer Kenting B&B4551Nanwan
Kenting Coral Sea Resort Hotel45101kenting
Ankes Hostel45148Hengchun
Phd’s Guest House II45108Hengchun
Seashell Bay Guest House4691Kenting
Wei Yuan Hotel4679Kenting
恆有溫度 -Cozy Place-4683Hengchun
Nandian Homestay46130Eluanbi
Edinburgh 16 Inn47599Hengchun
Have FUN villa47414Hengchun
Good Mood Cottage4785Hengchun
Lang Qin Hai Inn48102Kenting
Rococo Homestay48115Hengchun
Sleep inn4890Hengchun
Hotian Farm – A4870Hengchun
Haisu Homestay4894Eluanbi
Kenting Garden Homestay4990Kenting
Mong Shan Homestay4985Kenting
Island on the Sea4951Kenting
Nandu Inn5067Kenting
Cest La Vie Villa50126Hengchun
Surfspot House5081Hengchun
Ei Villa5075Hengchun
Craftsman Inn5074Hengchun
Sally’s Home5067Hengchun
Haiye Guest House51121Kenting
Millennium Inn II5185Kenting
Golden Sea Inn5177Kenting
The Riverside Hotel Hengchun5191Hengchun
Millennium Inn II5154Hengchun
Bai Sha Tan Cottage5283Kenting
Honnki Ya Hostel52104Hengchun
南灣陽光皮小妞 Pii hostel53423Nanwan
Big Nose Inn54303Hengchun
Mambo Boutique Hotel54200Hengchun
Lisinty Resort5488Hengchun
Imanuel Surfing B&B5487Hengchun
Prosperous home5487Hengchun
710 House54121Eluanbi
Mini Summer55114Nanwan
Rusty B&B56134Kenting
Pan B&B56133Hengchun
Doll House Lodge56100Hengchun
Elk Kitten Homestay5697Hengchun
Yu Sen House5684Hengchun
Borabora B&B57144Nanwan
Warner Leisure Hotel57117Kenting
Kenting Afei Surf Hotel Nanwan58247Nanwan
A Fei Surf Inn III5893Nanwan
Kenting Afei Surf Hotel Jialeshuel Nanu58127Manzhou
Southern Sun Homestay North58310Kenting
Kenting Maldives Hotspring Hotel5967Hengchun
Hana B&B5999Eluanbi
Southview Villa60151Nanwan
Kending Kaying Hotel60130Hengchun
Fei Li Jin Hotel61201Kenting
Hai Gang Yuan Homestay61108Kenting
Sine Ya Hostel61101Hengchun
Lovely South Sky B&B6187Hengchun
Muguang Inn6184Hengchun
MZ 1090 B&B6184Hengchun
Kenting Holiday Hotel6181Hengchun
好好睡 GOOD Hostel6161Hengchun
Xing Yu Inn6194Eluanbi
Kenting Hemingway62157Kenting
Beridou Youth Hostel6363Nanwan
Wanghong Homestay6397Hengchun
HUA B&B6385Hengchun
墾丁寵物友善 鐵宿 Tetsu B&B64118Nanwan
Mamalulu Hostel64162Kenting
Orange Moon Inn64121Kenting
Cloud Inn64430Hengchun
FFF Hotel64181Hengchun
Sheep Inn x SUPholic64121Hengchun
Hua Guest House64188Eluanbi
Sasa Nor Lamour B&B64124Eluanbi
He Sen B&B65142Kenting
A&L Inn67537Nanwan
墾丁舍廷親子會館 KT13 Hotel67116Nanwan
South View B&B6776Nanwan
Daban Six Guest House6767Nanwan
Kenting Maya-House B&B67215Kenting
安尼赫時尚旅店 Anich Fashion Inn l 墾丁大街 l 免費停車 l67144Kenting
Good Mood Backpacker67101Kenting
Morpheus B&B6787Kenting
Shell Inn67370Hengchun
TIAMAT Diving Club X 苦水輕旅67161Hengchun
Kuan Min B&B67107Hengchun
黑牛角旅店 Black Horn B&B67101Hengchun
Shuiquan 19N6784Hengchun
Tiffany Homestay67114Eluanbi
Kending Hai Zhi Lian B&B67101Eluanbi
海灘戀情 Beach Love 近沙灘-國旅卡特約商店6787Eluanbi
Wonderful Kenting Hostel6767Eluanbi
Yellow’s Kenting B&B68179Nanwan
墾丁愛情海民宿 大街巷子內300公尺 可國旅卡 獨立冷氣 可另詢包棟68143Kenting
Baisha 31 B&B68214Hengchun
阿郎衝浪旅店A-lang House70618manzhou
Kenting Cozy B&B70141Kenting
171 Happiness Inn70108Hengchun
Yake Homestay70130Eluanbi
Rockhand Homestay7087Eluanbi
La Fleur BnB & Restaurant71211Hengchun
Chillax Inn B&B7191Hengchun
Lovestar Lakeside Hotel – Stars Building73148Nanwan
The Richforest Hotel – Kenting73103Kenting
Captain Homestay7385Eluanbi
Nanwan 960丿艸祭莊園74161Nanwan
On Board Hostel7474manzhou
Kenting 213 Homestay74168Hengchun
Love Summer Hostel74107Hengchun
Shuei Yang B&B7578sigou
Kenting City Gate Hotel75102Hengchun
Mini House7684Nanwan
Wind Sea Hill Inn76129Hengchun
Kenting South Border DeSign Hotel76128Eluanbi
Kenting Sun Light Inn76122Eluanbi
Kenting Youth Activity Center77124Kenting
The Deer Head Inn77115Kenting
Martin Wales Inn7777Kenting
Kenting True Color Hostel77191Hengchun
Still Hills Inn77178Hengchun
Yong Wong Hostel79101Nanwan
The Cozy House7987Kenting
El Puerto Hotel79110Eluanbi
Hotelday+ Kenting81222Kenting
Dozen Park Kenting81161Kenting
墾丁聚點旅棧 2Ps Hotel81107Kenting
禾旅宿Ho Hostel 墾丁夢幻島81163Hengchun
Coconutpalm Home8181Hengchun
La Casa Indaco82125sigou
Kenting Tuscany Resort83148Kenting
Lugo Hotel84161manzhou
Butterfly B&B84118manzhou
Seasons Bali Fashion Inn8585Kenting
鄰近沙灘 國旅卡特約 另有包棟 船帆石原宿85134Eluanbi
Sunmiao Inn86145Hengchun
Dreamer Boutique Hotel87151Nanwan
Jin Mei Homestay8787Kenting
Full Moon Resort87128Hengchun
Funson Hotel87141Eluanbi
Seven beauties Homestay88232Hengchun
The Red Hotel8995Nanwan
Kenting White Hotel89129Hengchun
Haku Beach Days Inn90129Nanwan
LAINN Nanwan91191Nanwan
小島旅店Island Inn91151Nanwan
清清之家 民宿91121Hengchun
墾丁包棟民宿哪尼 – 2位即可包棟91168Eluanbi
Yellow’s Kenting B&B II92207Eluanbi
Pet Truelove94128Hengchun
Orange day to enjoy94107Hengchun
Family Pottery9494Hengchun
Hang Hai B&B94128Eluanbi
Burano Yellow Villa96172Hengchun
Kavana Cottage97161Hengchun
Lovestar Lakeside Hotel – Starlight Building98188Nanwan
Little Piggy B&B9898manzhou
Far Falla Hotel99153Nanwan
MH48 Hotel100144Kenting
Lin’s Forest100228Hengchun
Grandmas’s Kenting101168Hengchun
Small House Maobitou101121Hengchun
Canaan B&B Kenting101132Eluanbi
Innborn Kenting102133Nanwan
Cat at Greece103151Nanwan
Kenting COMIC B&B103291Hengchun
Kenting Pasture – Villa B&B105196Kenting
My Chateau Resort105148Kenting
J Lin Hostel107107Kenting
Bloom B&B108159Hengchun
Light Blue Hostel108108Hengchun
Nanwan station109175Nanwan
Light Mountain Man109503Hengchun
We Stay Inn109225Eluanbi
Beras Manor Kenting110140Hengchun
Sheng Tu Villa111144Hengchun
Cest La Vie B&B111166Eluanbi
Yoho Beach Resort Kenting112213Hengchun
Bai Shuei Mu Inn114275Eluanbi
The Light116175Hengchun
Mu Su B&B118151Hengchun
Li Ting B&B121302Kenting
Kenting Met Hi Inn121159Kenting
Dream home121175hengchun
Little Paradise Inn121121Hengchun
Red Garden Resort122235Eluanbi
Grand Bay Resort Hotel124370hengchun
Pinky Promise Villa125220hengchun
Hido Hostel126126Kenting
Sunshine Liv.127292Nanwan
Kenting Gala Vineyard127233Nanwan
South 茂127167hengchun
Fu Bin Hostel128202Kenting
Ocean Day By Day129263manzhou
Coral B&B130130hengchun
Summerland Garden Resort131190Eluanbi
Wild East Villa132229manzhou
Okra Villa133303Kenting
Howard Beach Resort Kenting134426Kenting
Chuanfanrock Haku Beach Days Inn138204Eluanbi
QBE B&B141200Nanwan
墾丁 章魚哥的家141141hengchun
Jing Guan Hotel143245Eluanbi
Sun Shine B&B144231hengchun
墾丁-湛藍海岸民宿 Azure Inn-南灣沙灘-可包棟-國旅卡特約商店148299Nanwan
Kenting Amanda Hotel148205Nanwan
West Old House151207Eluanbi
Bay Forest Boutique B&B154251hengchun
Sunrise Us Villa B&B161242Eluanbi
Cloud 9 Panorama161195Eluanbi
Uni-Resort Kenting164309Eluanbi
Seyan Inn164195Eluanbi
Fairyland & Farm Guest House167167Kenting
星苑 Villa168505manzhou
Chateau Beach Resort Kenting170412Kenting
Ibizakenting Hotel172172Kenting
SkyeBay Club174337hengchun
Spring BnB178265Kenting
Hido Hostel III178178Kenting
Hotel Everyday Life178256Eluanbi
Peace Home Guest House II182182hengchun
Kenting 4 Sisters Villa1821188Eluanbi
Ola Nanwan Guesthouse183261Nanwan
Ibizakenting Hotel II185185Kenting
Harmony Ocean Hotel188188Kenting
Ming Jun Homestay188188Eluanbi
日光嶼南Sunlight On the Peninsula194283Eluanbi
Manzhou Rosa House202202manzhou
Looft Hotel206296hengchun
OS Homestay212212nanwan
Bay Forest Boutique Hotel – Silver Pavilion212212hengchun
Caesar Park Hotel Kenting216495Kenting
Kenting Ocean Paradise Resort219369hengchun
Linwu 05229229Eluanbi
Gloria Manor233326Kenting
SkyeBay Club – Silver Pavilion266266hengchun
Kenting Lian Nan Wan269303nanwan
Pretty Nanwan B&B269268nanwan
Zero+ Homestay 2269269hengchun
Colorful Cloudy Villa298289Eluanbi
Dream Come True B&B299373hengchun
Villa Windingland303471hengchun
Living House303303hengchun
Splendi Villa325584hengchun
The House 15 Villa326546hengchun
Oasis Inn333333hengchun
Cape 42 Hotel Ill334334hengchun
Ding House336336hengchun
Howard Villa339606Kenting
Kenting Land of Joy Ubud369369nanwan
Peace Home370605hengchun
Happy Stay Inn370550hengchun
Kenting Muchen INN388388hengchun
YOYO 11 House404471hengchun
Lazy Bay 2420420hengchun
Bonjour Kenting464565hengchun
Lee Home 李寓-恆春的家包棟民宿471513hengchun
Chuanfan600villa kenting486511Eluanbi
Amibao Resort505505hengchun
Kenting Four Season Villa538807hengchun
Volando Kenting5441088hengchun
Sky Villa – 南灣薇拉莊園566632nanwan
Fumigate Hotel III572572hengchun
GRASS at the beach B&B607607shanhai
He Yuan Yue She666666dehe
The Costa Azul Kenting Resort787787hengchun
槺 inn841841hengchun
Onion Manor B&B11141114hengchun

Link to the previous study:

Price study for September 2022. 

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