Full Price Study for Accommodation in Kenting National Park: Hotels, Resorts, B&B

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Full Price Study for Accommodation in Kenting National Park: Hotels, Resorts, B&B

There is a newer study available, please check this new study here

Are you planning to visit Kenting National Park in soon?

Then you might be interested in the hotel pricing study I did using booking.com data for September 2022. 

I plan to update this study once a month, so come back for more fresh data later!

I will start with conclusions and statistical data, first, however, if you will be interested in the methodology of my work (which for sure will change during a time), scroll down to the bottom of the post. 

In this study, I manually filtered everything out on booking.com using several dates (for a 1 night stay) in september 2022, that is shown after a filter “Kenting National Park”, and then manually went in every hotel listing to check the cheapest room and the most expensive room at every particular property.

 I used a filter for 2 adult stay and omitted all results that were not separate room (no dormitory beds). 

LocationNumber of Accomodations

Table Nr.1 Number of Accommodations available near or inside Kenting National Park for a 1-night stay in September 2022.

As we can see, booking.com showed a total of 336 properties within or nearby Kenting National Park, with a distribution over areas as you can see in above table. 

In my humble opinion, the area distribution is seriously flawed in booking.com for a Kenting, and if you are interested in why, scroll down to the methodology section, where I explain my arguments why some of these areas do not make sense at all. 

However, if we are using booking.com as a source for data analysis, we must stick with areas this service offer, and so we will further base our pricing study on this zoning (even if it does not makes sense sometimes). 

quantity of hotels per every area in kenting national park

Graph 1: Quantity of accommodations per every area in or near Kenting National Park

As it will be described in more detail later, the biggest problem with booking.com area zoning in Kenting is that they for some reason throw everything under something they call “Hengchun South Gate”, be it a homestay in Houbihu, resort in Baishawan (White Sand Bay) or a hotel inside Hengchun town itself. 

This is why data shows that 43.2% or 145 hotels are located in “Hengchun South Gate” (we use simple Hengchun in the data visualizations above”

hengchun south gate filter

Hengchun South Gate filter in booking.com

Now, let us get to the most interesting part. 

Which ones are top 10 cheapest hotel rooms in Kenting National Park?

Hotel NameLowest Room PriceHighest Room PriceLocation
Dajenshan Hotel2367Kenting
Kenting Dajianshan Cabin2467Kenting
Kenting Airport Homestay 機場民宿2963Hengchun
Mulin B&B2995Hengchun
Blue Sea Inn3061Eluanbi
FFF Hotel30216Hengchun
Dajenshan Chalet3074Kenting
藍洞潛水Blue Hole Dive Center3151Hengchun

Table Nr.2: Top 10 Cheapest Hotel Rooms for a 2 person stay in Kenting National Park for september 2022. 

As we can see from the above data, the cheapest hotel rooms you can possibly book in Kenting National Park are Dajenshan Hotel, Kenting Dajianshan Cabin, kenting-叔叔, 墾丁滿溢棧旅宿, Kenting Airport Homestay 機場民宿, Mulin B&B, Blue Sea Inn, FFF Hotel, Dajenshan Chalet, 藍洞潛水Blue Hole Dive Center. 

Which is the cheapest possible room to book in Kenting National Park?

The cheapest room in Kenting National Park is a standard double room in Dajenshan Hotel, price is USD 23,- per 1 night, for 2 adults.  

cheapest room in kenting national park

Cheapest room possible to book near Kenting National Park. 

I can’t recommend or not recommend this room, since I have not stayed in this hotel myself, but the location is surprisingly good – it stands just near the Kenting Night Market, and is just 200m away from a Dawan Beach in Kenting.

Which ones are most expensive accommodations possible in Kenting National Park?

Hotel NameLowest Room PriceHighest Room PriceLocation
Chuanfan600villa kenting4,8695,125Eluanbi
Rainbow After Rain2281,593Manzhou
Una house Villa9441,180Hengchun
Onion Manor B&B1,1171,117Hengchun
Kenting 4 Sisters Villa1731,031Eluanbi
Fled To Happiness937937Manzhou
Grand Bay Resort Hotel125877Hengchun

Table Nr.3: Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels for a stay in Kenting National Park for September 2022. 

Now, if you sort the data in this way, by “highest room price”, in this way, data will not particularly include the most expensive room for a “2 person stay”, but will most likely show the whole vacation villas for rent in the area, mostly with many bedrooms in the property. 
But even considering this, I honestly do not understand the hefty price tag that Chuanfan600villa kenting property has been shelling out at least on booking.com during my study. 

Which one is the most expensive hotel or accomodation in Kenting National Park?

Most expensive hotel in Kenting is Chuanfan600villa kenting for a 3 bedroom villa for a 10 people price is USD 5125 per night. 

most expensive hotel in kenting

Most expensive hotel in Kenting as per booking.com data

most expensive hotel in kenting balcony

This is a view from a balcony of the most expensive hotel in Kenting. 

Now, the location of the hotel is really outstanding, no doubt – it is a beachfront (well, across the road, but still) property to the best beach in the whole Kenting (in my opinion) – Chuanfanshi Sail Rock beach

However, does this justify the price, if the same street, has the similar hotels with price ranges significantly lower? 
It might be also a mistake in booking.com platform as well. 

Which one is the cheapest possible hotel room in Manzhou area of Kenting National Park?

Hotel NameLowest Room PriceHighest Room Price
Kenting Afei Surf Hotel Jialeshuel Nanu66127
On Board Hostel7474
Lugo Hotel84162
Butterfly B&B84118
阿郎衝浪旅店A-lang House87776
Little Piggy B&B9898
Kentington Resort108250
Ocean Day By Day117264
星苑 Villa118506
Manzhou Rosa House202202
Rainbow After Rain2281,593
Fled To Happiness937937

Table Nr.4: Top 10 Cheapest Hotel Rooms for a 2 person stay in Manzhou area Kenting National Park for september 2022. 

If you are planning to visit a wilder, eastern side of the Kenting National park, and are probably up for surfing in Jialeshui, then this data will be useful. 

The cheapest possible room to book in Manzhou will be at 樂水情緣寵物生態民宿 homestay. 

cheapest hotel in manzhou

Cheapest possible room in Manzhou even includes a breakfast!

What is the most expensive accommodation in Manzhou?

Hotel NameLowest Room PriceHighest Room Price 
Rainbow After Rain2281,593Manzhou
Fled To Happiness937937Manzhou
阿郎衝浪旅店A-lang House87776Manzhou
星苑 Villa 118506Manzhou
Ocean Day By Day117264Manzhou
Kentington Resort108250Manzhou
Manzhou Rosa House202202Manzhou
Lugo Hotel84162Manzhou
Kenting Afei Surf Hotel Jialeshuel Nanu66127Manzhou

Table Nr5: top 10 most expensive accommodations in Manzhou 

Most expensive accommodation in Manzhou will be renting whole holiday home in Rainbow After Rain property 

most expensive property in manzhou to rent

This last price again looks like a mistake for me, but data analysis does not operate in terms “look like”. 

Methodology description and closing thoughts

The methodology used for gathering this data was as follows:

1. I chose a date in September 2022 which showed most results for a 1-night stay for 2 adults, and as a geographical filter used “Kenting National Park”. 

2. I then manually went into every hotel listing and copied the cheapest possible price to the left column, and the most expensive possible room (or persons per room) to the right column.

3. I omitted beds in dormitories and hostels. 

4. In the 4th column of data I copied a location as per definitions and zoning from booking.com.

hotel data price study method in kenting

This finally gave me a dataset like this which I could later sort out and visualize for the above studies.

I realize that such a method have some flaws, and here are the ones i see: 

1. Since I use a one date in the close future – in this dataset – in September 2022, there is no guarantee that all possible hotels and accommodations will show up, some might be booked fully.

2. I use my booking.com account which at the current moment is at Genius3 level – it might be that someone else will see different prices (but I do not think that difference will be big). 

3. I understand that for full and correct picture, I needed to analyze data from other sources, such as Agoda, etc, but for the purpose of this study I believe booking.com data will be good enough. 

4. I completely hate the way how booking.com zoned the areas in Kenting National Park. Let me show you an example. 
Let’s make a search for accommodations in Kenting National Park for a 1 night in September 2, 2022:

search result for kenting national park in booking.com

Now, if you are at least little bit familiar with the area, then you will know that, properties in Hengchun city and properties in Baishwan (White Sand Bay), and Houbihu, are completely different places and experiences. 
We even divided Kenting National Park into 52 areas in this extensive blog, post!

Then, this is what booking.com offers you as a filter:

kenting area filter

“Hengchun South Gate” is absurd, and no one can convince me that it is not. 
If you are not familiar with the area – this will make an impression that all these properties are inside the city, isn’t it?

hengchun south gate properties

To illustrate this, just check this above, I did not photoshopped this together, this is how booking.com shows it one by one – all as Hengchun South Gate. 
Kenting White Hotel is an almost a beachfront property in Baishawan beach, Yoho Beach Resort is even another area at all – Wanlitong, where all the snorkeling takes place, while this Kaying hotel is standing on the road outside of Hengchun city! None of 3 properties has anything common to the “south gate” in Hengchun. 

This is why my data on hotel quantity distribution per area has a problem for a “Hengchun” – not all of these hotels are really in Hengchun.

This probably comes from the fact, that booking.com calls everything that is inside Hengchun Township “Hengchun South Gate”:

location of kenting village

Pingtung County vs Hengchun Township vs Kenting Village.

If you are interested more in this topic, check out our post about is Kenting a city?

5. I also realize that there is no sense to make “average hotel price” in Kenting, in case you wondered why I did not make it – because that value would not make sense – there are not only different types of accommodations – such as beachfront villas and capsule hotels, but all of them are in different areas of Kenting some are pretty run down as well.

6. When you make a final choice – even if you have budget restraints (and at some level we all have) do not choose only based on price only – your stay in Kenting must be tied to your itinerary first, and then also what kind of experience you want to have. 
If you have only 1 night to stay in Kenting, and want to have a beachfront experience, then you will most likely not find the price under 100 USD per night, but if you want to experience living in the bustling Kenting Nightmarket with all the food, and bars – you most likely will find a nice stay under 50 USD. 

7. Data used in this post are from September 2022 – when the next update in this study will be issued, I will make a note here. 

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