Animal Resources of Kenting National Park

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Animal Resources of Kenting National Park

Insect Diversity in Kenting National Park

In terms of animal resources, similar to plant diversity, due to the tropical climate and vegetation factors, the insect resources of Kenting National Park are extremely abundant.

Nearly 300 species of insects are known, and these include Odonata spp., Cicadidae, cricket, katydid, locust, Pentatomidae, Scarabaeidae, and Phasmatodea. Especially, because the park has a warm climate and it flowers in all four seasons.

Nearly 300 species of insects are known to be living in Kenting National Parl.



Butterfly and Animal diversity of Kenting National Park

There are more than 200 kinds of flying butterflies, making the butterflies the most distinctive small invertebrate in the area.

Other vertebrate animal resources inhabiting Kenting National Park are also quite abundant.

Examples of the larger mammals which include the Taiwanese macaque, Pallas’s squirrel, Petaurista alborufus lena, civet cat, masked palm civet, hares, Chinese muntjac, goat, and other animals are also attracting attention in the park.

taiwanese macaques in kenting national park

Taiwanese Macaques in Kenting

Pallas's squirrel in kenting

Pallas’s squirrel in kenting

civet cat in kenting

Civet cat on Tree

Chinese muntjac in kenting

Chinese muntjac

Bird Diversity in Kenting National Park

Due to the divergent vegetation and environment, there are many birds in the park, and they include both resident birds and migratory birds. Especially, because the geographical location is specific. 

Many transiting migratory birds of spring and autumn such as the most well-known brown shrike and grey-faced buzzard, are using the inner area of national park of Hengchun Peninsula as a relay station or a place to rest and forage.

At present, more than 220 species of birds have been recorded in the national park, and it is more than one-half of the total number of birds in Taiwan, making the birds as the most representative animal resource in Kenting National Park.

At present, more than 220 species of birds have been recorded in the kenting national park.

In terms of reptiles, there are approximately more than 10 species of snakes.

Among them, the snorkel viper, Taiwanese habu, Chinese tree viper, Chinese krait, and Chinese cobra are the top five poisonous snakes on the island, which can be seen near the water.

chinese green tree viper in kenting

Chinese Green Tree Viper

There are about ten kinds of lizards of which the Taiwan japalure is the most widely distributed.

These also include Kuhne’s Grass Lizard, Van Denburgh’s ground skink, Asian house gecko, Koshun Grass Lizard, long-tailed sun skink, etc.

There are several species of turtles which include Chinese stripe-necked turtle and Chinese box turtles.

Chinese stripe-necked turtle kenting

Chinese Neck Striped Turtle

Chinese box turtle

Chinese Box Turtle

The area of forests and wetlands is the main environment for amphibians to inhabit.

Among them include the Asian grass frog, Microhyla fissipes, Fukien gold-striped pond frog, and others which often appear in the swamp area of lakes.

Frogs that often appear in rivers and smaller streams include Buergeria robusta, Swinhoe’s brown frog, “Hylarana” latouchii, Japanese stream treefrog, and others.

Kenting National Park has abundant and divergent natural resources, many of which possess potential recreational value or serve as materials for conventional research and educational materials.

For the land area of the national park (more on areas here) , in addition to the topographic geology and biological resources, the lake, swamp, river, and other freshwater ecosystems which are formed by the water system in the territory form a self-contained system and contain diverse natural resources, awaiting us to have a glimpse on them

The freshwater area in Kenting National Park, although it is far more limited than the surrounding marine area, they are also inhabited by many aquatic animals such as fish, shrimp, crabs, etc.

Fish of native species known to live in freshwater in Kenting National Park include giant mottled eel, goldfish, small snakehead, Rajsh Cichlasoma, rosy bitterling, rice eel, Hong Kong catfish, barcheek goby, pond loach, dusky sleeper, loach goby, Sicyopterus japonicus, Awaous ocellaris, and Rhinogobius brunneus.

asian rice eel

Asian Rice Eel

Pond loach kenting

Pond Loach

Sicyopterus japonicus

Sicyopterus japonicus

There are also Terapon jarbua, flagtails, common silver-biddy, flathead grey mullet, and flame tail snapper which are found in the estuary.

Recently, some exotic species of tilapia, Mosquitofish and golden apple snail have also been found in the freshwater of Kenting.

flathead grey mullet

flathead grey mullet

In addition, in the freshwater of lakes, swamps, and rivers, there are also freshwater prawn, Atyidae, Caridina sp., Macrobrachium spp., river swimming crab, king crabs, mitten crab, “white crab”, and several kinds of snails as well as a mussel.

Speaking of crabs, it is not possible to not mention the ecological disaster happening with these land crabs in the Shadao beach area, which we discussed in this article

Pland Diversity of Kenting National Park

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