Plastic cross on the seabed in Shadao Beach causes public anger in social networks

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Plastic cross on the seabed in Shadao Beach causes public anger in social networks

Kenting National Park is a popular diving destination in Taiwan.

Because the National Park Law protects it, the ecology of the coral reefs on the seabed is well maintained.

Recently, a diver had a whim and posted a post on the diving social network, making a simple large-scale plastic water pipe cross.

The cross was then sunk in the waters of Kenting Banana Bay, hoping to become a new underwater beauty shooting spot, which immediately aroused criticism from netizens. 

After receiving the report, the Reclamation Management Office said that the police had to find the person involved and after that would be fined by the National Park Law and scheduled to launch on the teardown of the installation. 

plastic pipe cross in kenting

Plastic pipe cross on Shadao beach and under the water

An online post on the diving community reads:

Who said that only Green Island has a cross! Kenting Banana Bay also has it! Most importantly, friends who go there, remember to put a few more stones below to make it last longer.”

The rough design of the cross and the act of violation of the National Park Law immediately caused the anger and scolding of netizens, criticizing “the plastic waste is still a big problem on the bottom of the sea,” and some people ridiculed rogue diver “Where did you dive into the water? Or the garbage on the beach. Isn’t that enough?”.

Xu Shuguo 許書國, deputy director of the Reclamation Management Department, said that after receiving a report from the public, the 8th Police Brigade of the area has been asked to assist in the investigation of the perpetrator.

According to Article 13 of the National Park Law, a fine of 1,500 to 3,000 NTD can be imposed. It is also scheduled to be demolished soon, calling on the public to go to the waters of the national park, not to discard or place objects or creatures that do not belong to the local nature and to jointly maintain the ecological environment of Kenting.

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