Drunken Incident During Dragon Boat Festival in Kenting Night Market

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Drunken Incident During Dragon Boat Festival in Kenting Night Market

In our article about safety in Kenting, particularly for female travelers, we discussed safety issues in Kenting, and concluded, that Kenting is very safe for every traveler, even at night.

If incidents ever happen, they are of the scale and type that this article will give as an example.

Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan is a tectonic event for the movement of the people and even given the pandemic situation this year. Still, crowds of people headed south to have a holiday feel in Kenting and take an obligatory walk in the Kenting Night Market.

As udn.com reports, an accident happened on Kenting street late at night, when a half-naked, drunken man suddenly smashed the wine glass and subsequently was beaten up by an upset cleaner. 

For unknown reasons, he suddenly smashed a wine glass on the street, which aroused the concern of the cleaning staff.

Some people witnessed the fight, took photos and video, and posted it on Facebook “Breaking News Commune” group 爆料公社.

The half-naked man was full of alcohol, and after screaming “Three small”, he rushed to the front for no reason and then caused a big fight in the street. 

The naked man then was surrounded and beaten by six men. The female companion next to him kept screaming, "Darling, don't beat him; he is drunk."

female companion tries to protect drunken man

Screenshot from the video: female in white clothes trying to protect man from beating. 

Finally, he was dragged to his knees because he wanted to protect his male companion, and he lost control and shouted, “Don’t beat him.” It’s…” Triggered passers-by to watch and call the police.

The Hengchun Police Branch pointed out that the fight happened at 11:00 pm on June 3rd, the first holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, and the police were reported to have dispatched a fast-fighting force to the scene. 

The six suspects involved in the fight were arrested and the whole case was transferred to the Pingtung District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation on charges of disrupting the order and harming after police inquiries.

Is Kenting Safe for a female solo traveler?

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