Dawan Beach Kenting Introduction (大灣)

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Dawan Beach Kenting Introduction (大灣)

Dawan Beach in Kenting - where is it?

Kenting Dawan Beach is one of the main public beaches in Kenting Area, main benefits are close proximity to Kenting Night Market (as opposed to for example Nanwan, or Sail Rock beaches), and hotels that stand on Dawan road are almost facing the sea, albeit, you need understand that they will not be a pure beachfront, since Dawan road will be in middle. Dawan is officially a part of Kenting National Park zoning Nr.32, which we discuss in more detail here. 

This below is basically how view from the most of the Dawan Road hotels look like, and this one is called Kenting Seawall Inn 130

Not bad, but you need be aware, that all booking sites, such as booking.com, or Agoda will call them “beachfront”, and some even make pictures that appear so that it stands right on the beach. 


You can compare, 360 degree video above is made from the same balcony, while if you watch this photo (on booking platforms) it will probably make an impression that hotel stands very near of the beach.

This is NOT problem of this particular hotel itself, since all the hotels stand other side of the Dawan Street:

So, technically speaking, when you choose Dawan as a place for your stay, most likely Booking.com will offer you these hotels in the area I enclosed above, otherwise,  somewhere near-epic (no sarcasm) Smokey Joes restaurant Dawan Road turns up to the north, so no more good views seaview will be possible.

Notice also how big yellow road – Kenting Main Road where Kenting Night Market are with all the action, food and bars and cafes – goes almost parallel to Dawan Road, and there 2 or 3 backstreets to go between 2. This is important to know when you plan to stay on any of hotels and B&B’s that are located on main road, however, plan to park for example in  this parking:

Technically as you can see they call it Dawan Road Parking B (墾丁大灣B停車場)


Check out the local Wanyin temple, if you already park in this parking. 

Now, here’s an interesting thing that probably not everyone (and not everyone should be familiar with Kenting Area) realize. 

The one and only choice for real Beach Front Rooms – Chateau Resort Kenting actually are location on the same Dawan Beach, just back to the east little bit. 

Next is a good illustration of this:

Getting down to the Dawan Beach

Now, let me bring you down right to the beach, and since all this project is all about 360 degree photos and videos, we will be using them to get you a feel how it looks like there. 

First, let’s just sit somewhere on the right side of the public part of the Dawan Beach:

If this looks cool, it probably is, however, let’s discuss several “but’s”.

First, this is a view from a Kenting Chateau Beach to the right to the public area of Dawan beach. 

Now, important thing is that technically, at Dawan beach at it’s public part, the one I circled in above google maps screenshot – it is not allowed to swim. Official reason – strong currents.

Read this our post, about 4  Beaches in Kenting where it is allowed to swim.

However, in this photo, you can see a swimming area that is enclosed, and life guards on duty, but the trick is that formally you must be living in Chateau Resort to be allowed swim there – mainly because you will be asked to wear a lifewest or some other safety gear. 

However, if you have your own vest, or some other gear – most likely you won’t be asked if you really live in the hotel. I would not try swim in any of their pools, that would be an overkill, but the sea – I think you will get away with that.


If you look  now right (from a point of view facing the sea) you will see the mentioned above Cheateu Beach resort.

At the back you will see Dawan Road hotels. 

Look left, and you will see most right corner of the beach, which leads you further to Frog Rock park.

Let me show you how does it feel to get in as far right to the Dawan Beach as it is possible:


So, this is the Dawan Beach at it’s whole, from most far right corner as it is.


The best choice on wether you want to stay on any on hotels on Dawan road facing public beach, or choosing Chateau Beach Resort, in fact mostly depends on your budget – if you can afford rather expensive rooms in Chateau – stay there, if not – you still can try any of boutique and not so hotels and B&B right on the street.

Dawan Beach

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