Chateau Beach Resort 360° Walk Along Greenbelt Promenade

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Chateau Beach Resort 360° Walk Along Greenbelt Promenade

I want you invite you for a virtual walk in Chateau Beach Resort. The same walk I took with my 360 degree camera to take photos – and then stitch them to tour, and also videos. Let’s go!

So, you can immerse yourself in greenbelt promenade (as they call it) in Chateau Beach Resort. 

I believe that promenade starts right here – near Marbela building, boat house and main adult pool and goes then to east along Marbela and then Positano buildings, however, maybe if you cross the pool area, it also could be called as promenade also at Provence building side, however, I truly believe that it is the one starting here, and so we are ready to go!

First of all, try walk yourself here, and see how it goes for you, look around, see the beautiful colors, blue sea and skies – this is what Chateau Beach resort is really great at – views are just stunning. 

One important note here about viewing 360 degree videos that are actually hosted on yotube. If you watch on your PC, MAC, or laptop, then just choose full screen button and you will be seeing the video full screen.

However, if you view video on mobile, especially on Iphone – then you will need to click on the title of the video so that you open the Youtube App, and watch videos from youtube app – for some reason, 360 degree feature does not work from website, it must be viewed in app.


This is a back side entrance in the middle of promenade – left side then you have Marbela Building, and right side Positano. Lift here, and also Mediterranean Banquet Hall.

You can have a pretty good lunch in this restaurant, but be sure to visit Houbihu Marina (for seafood) and at evening – Kenting Night Market, and only then go for on site restaurants.

Most far end of the resort – at the east side. Like you probably know, Chateau Beach Resort is located on Dawan Beach, and if you visit public area of Dawan Beach – it actually can not be swimmable – while if you live in Chateau Beach Resort – they have guarded swim area with lifeguards on duty – swim there safely (but with life vests, or lifesavers). 

This corner in video is very quiet, no one usually walks that far away, probably only those who live this far on side. 

Here is an interesting one – compare it to the most west side of the resort, and this is already most far corner at Provence building:

Interesting difference, right? While Positano building stands closer to the sea, at this side land is more flat, and it is easier go down to the sea and back to the room (if you live this side).

to be continued….

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