Swimming and Snorkeling near ChuShuiKou 出水口

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Swimming and Snorkeling near ChuShuiKou 出水口

The Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 outlet – Chushuokou is not far from the northeast of Maobitou. It is a diversion dike constructed by many breakwaters. On its southwest side is a small bay formed, which is convenient for transportation as it is close to the road and sheltered from the wind.

Therefore, it has become one of the main spots for playing in the water and snorkeling. Although there are many tidal pools in the intertidal zone, numerous visitors have extensively explored them, leading to the depletion of marine life along the coast.

Another way to find it is just to head to the Small Bali (Xiaobali) beach, which we have a whole 360 tour and videos already available on our resource. 


In this photo, you can see my Insta360Pro2 camera, which I use for most 360-degree content on this site, and Chushuikou is at the back.

Between the outlet of Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 and the power plant itself, there is the largest fishing port in the Kenting area called Houbihu, worth visiting for sure as well.  In recent years, a large yacht marina has been expanded, making it a significant location for marine tourism.

Outside the port is the largest coral reef lagoon in Taiwan, which has formed a reef landscape. It is home to numerous large stony corals and soft corals. Visitors can enjoy the ecological scenery of the coral reefs by taking a ride on a semi-submersible submarine for underwater sightseeing.

Not only that, be sure to visit also a tiny “secret” part of Little Bali Beach near Chushuikou, which I called a “secret cat beach” – because of 3 or 4 cats laying down there at the time of my visit. Or take a virtual walk there right now:

It is also important to note that when you visit the Houbihu Marina, the actual beaches where you can swim are actually named Star Sand Beach and Twin Towers Beach – I have been swimming in both of them, there is even a extremely expensive resort just nearby called Voland, which is so high priced, that I am not sure if I ever are going to visit it, but life will tell. 

Location of Chushuikou near Power Plant Nr3 and Little Bali Beach 

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