Coastal Geology and Animal Life in Jialeshui

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Coastal Geology and Animal Life in Jialeshui

Jialeshui is located not far northwest of the mouth of Gangkou Port. The coastal geology is primarily composed of coral reefs interspersed with sandstone sea erosion platforms and large boulders.

 These rocks have been eroded by strong winds and waves during the autumn and winter seasons, forming various unique and peculiar rock formations, creating a distinctive landscape.

Therefore, it has before been developed as a scenic area by the township office, with facilities such as parking lots, public toilets, restaurants, and shuttle buses to the mountain, sea, and waterfalls, however, at the time I made these shots, it looks pretty abandoned there and lonely. 

abandoned shuttle bus in jialeshui

On the slightly sloping bedrock, there are numerous caves formed by differential erosion or sea urchin burrows near the low tide line, creating honeycomb rock formations.

However, due to the narrow intertidal zone and limited tidal pools, coupled with a large number of tourists before, some coastal animals are occasionally captured, so the variety and quantity of animals are not particularly abundant.

Occasionally, some stony corals grow in the tidal pools, and many sea anemones can be seen near the low tide line. In spring, the rocks are covered with various seaweeds, adding color to the otherwise monotonous rocks.

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