Howard Beach Resort Kenting cares for children in need at remote areas in Kenting

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Howard Beach Resort Kenting cares for children in need at remote areas in Kenting

Kenting in Pingtung is biggest a tourist resort of the country, and behind the full crowds of tourists, there are economically-disadvantage ethnic groups or single elders still scattered in all corners.

hen Howard Beach Resort Kenting was opened 24 years ago, Jiguang Zhang (張積光) as the general manager declared that they would be a “good neighbor”.

In the past three years, the performance had declined because of the epidemic; nonetheless, he still cared for the vulnerable and elderly for 23 consecutive years. To take care of the local students from remote area, they collaborated with Hengchun Christian Hospital and went to aboriginal Mudan Township, bringing food, activities of performance, and mobile book cart for the children of remote areas.  

Kenting is an international tourist resort, and on the other side of the prosperity, along with the long-term loss of young and strong population, medical and educational resources were far lesser than that of the metropolis, Jiguang Zhang (張積光) said, adding that apart from local hidden problem of the elderly living alone which was derived from the elderly society, there were also the education problems of children in tribes of remote mountain.

Howard Beach Resort Kenting joined with Hengchun Christian Hospital and extra class of Mudan Township in providing different resources to Mudan Township so that students could feel the care from societal love, and simultaneously they take this opportunity to encourage children to cultivate habit of reading and taking knowledge as nutrient for steady personal growth, Zhang (張) further said. 

5 star hotel dinner for kids in mudan township

The fund for this time was provided by the Howard Cultural and Educational Foundation, which was founded by virtuous couple of Dexiu Liao (廖德修) and Longlong Xu (許隆隆), and had long been concerned about the education and learning resources of indigenous students at numerous remote areas, Zhang (張) said, adding that the hotels of the group were distributed all over in Taiwan, blossoming at various places and going deep into the local humanities, and the Howard Cultural and Educational Foundation also took this chance to provide funds to take care for local students at rural areas as a feedback to the long-term support and assistance of local communities to the hotels.

kenting mudan township kids

Howard Beach Resort Kenting had been operating in Hengchun Peninsula for 24 years; due to the concern about the hardship of student of remote areas, gratitude was given to the foundation for providing funds to help in holding food and cultural activities to care for the students of remote areas in Hengchun Peninsula, Zhang (張) said, adding that gratitude was also given to Jianrong Huang (黃健榮) as the director of Heng Chun Christian Hospital for agreeing to the invitation of hotel, by providing the mobile book cart created by the hospital, allowing it to be driven into Mudan Township, of which this brought knowledge of book to the front of student, thus advocating the importance of reading.

kenting kids

he hotel also asked the chef to design a nutritious lunch enriched with characteristics of the peninsula, apart from leading group activities, DIY, and performances to make children feel content of love and care, Zhang (張) further said. 

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