Driverless Bus Conducts Passenger Test Run at Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

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Driverless Bus Conducts Passenger Test Run at Kenting National Forest Recreation Area

Pingtung County Government Conducts Feasibility Assessment for Self-Driving Bus Service on Various Tourist Routes within the County. Starting tomorrow, the first-ever passenger test run of a self-driving bus will take place within the hilly terrain of Kenting National Forest Recreation Area.

This marks a significant step towards implementing a new form of intelligent transportation and improving eco-friendly tourism shuttle services in Pingtung County.

County Magistrate Chou Chun-mi (周春米) visited Kenting National Forest Recreation Area this afternoon to inspect the preparations for the upcoming project.

She stated that the recreation area is a popular tourist destination with abundant natural landscapes and ecosystems, making it suitable for the development of low-carbon transportation.

In the future, with the completion of the Pingnan Expressway, efficient transportation networks and high-tech electric autonomous buses can be utilized for short-distance transportation between townships and shuttle services to tourist attractions.

This promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction and balances economic growth and ecological sustainability.

Furthermore, in the future, it could even extend to operating in remote rural communities to address the challenges of an aging society.

chou chun mi

Magistrate Chou Chun-Mi presents new driverless bus in Kenting

Huang Guo-Wei (黃國維), Director of the County Government’s Transportation and Tourism Department, stated that the autonomous driving bus used in this trial run has high safety standards and a range of up to 60 kilometers.

Equipped with equipment such as LiDAR, radar, and onboard cameras, along with AI recognition technology, the bus can detect, track, and avoid objects. Additionally, the integration of a high-precision positioning system allows for more accurate vehicle positioning.

He said that this is the first time in Taiwan that unmanned autonomous buses are being used for shuttle services in a national forest recreation area with hilly terrain.

The technical difficulty is higher, and prior to the event, multiple tests and verifications were conducted by ARTC and vehicle manufacturers to ensure the safety of the operation. Only after confirming that it is safe, the trial passenger service is provided, with onboard safety personnel accompanying each trip.

kenting driverless bus from inside
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