Landscape installation of “Rising of the eagle” at Dawan Kenting

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Landscape installation of “Rising of the eagle” at Dawan Kenting

When it was the time to enter autumn, it was about to enter the peak period of the passage of raptors through Hengchun Peninsula, of which the raptors including Chinese sparrowhawk and gray-faced buzzard would come in succession.

They attracted people going to the south to chase the eagles every year; for the annual blockbuster series of activities of eagle season by Kenting National Park Headquarters, Mingtang Wang (王明堂) as a local artist had been specially invited to hold the art exhibition of landscape installation “The law of the Tao is its being what it is, rising of an eagle at Kenting” this year, and it was the totem of the Eight Trigram from the aerial view which was exhibited until 31st October at the lawn of Dawan, Kenting, allowing the public to go south to admire the eagles, and also to feel the ecological scenery of peninsula that was infused with artistic beauty. 

eagles in kenting

In addition to the transit wonders of the northern raptors such as “Eagle Column”, “Eagle River”, etc., to let tourist experience the eagle season in a different way as compared to that of the past, they specially cooperated with the artist of Hengchun Peninsula, Mingtang Wang (王明堂) and the team, Wenhe Lin (林文和) as director of Kenting National Park Headquarters said, adding that inspired from the homophonic “yin and yang” for the Chinese term “Rising of eagle”, and the mysterious meaning of sentence “Man takes his law from the Earth; the Earth takes its law from Heaven; Heaven takes its law from the Tao.

eagle drawings in kenting

The law of the Tao is its being what it is.” which was quoted from Tao Te Ching of Laozi, the team used the paddy to set up totem of the Eight Trigram at Dawan recreational lawn of Kenting, of which this served as the theme of art of landscape installation of eagle season in Kenting this year.

The team of Mingtang Wang (王明堂) created outdoor installation artworks with the theme of unique and representative cultural, ecological, and environmental education of Hengchun Peninsula, Lin (林) said, added that the team followed the concept of good weather and nature, in providing the different experience of eagle viewing, so that visitors not only can take photos and punch cards but also get to closely understand nature, from which it allowed them to recognize and learn the importance of protecting natural and environmental sustainability, apart from healing the shackled soul of epidemic prevention. 

For the “Rising of eagle” which was created by team of Mingtang Wang (王明堂), a variety of postures of eagle was visible from different angles on the spot, with the feeling of eagles rising high to the sky. Besides, Sika deer, terrestrial crab, golden birdwing, and other unique creatures of Hengchun Peninsula which were created in different shapes of cute version using bamboo weaving and sisal hemp symbolized that the creatures residing on the peninsula were also welcoming friends flying from afar; through the artist’s eyes, characteristics of local animals and plants as well as elements of environmental education were integrated into a touching landscape installation artwork. 

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