Kenting Society Against Hermit Crab Boy

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Kenting Society Against Hermit Crab Boy

The epidemic had slowed down in summer of 2022, and waves of travel emerged at Kenting again.

There were people who found a little boy who was suspected of not only catching more than 10 hermit crabs at the seaside, but also bringing along self-prepared vivarium to the restaurant to eat rice during a traveling with family.

“If everyone took and caught a little bit, the sea of Kenting would also be stolen till empty.” Inability to bear with the fact of repeating killing of biological life in the ocean, the witness left a note for the family of the little boy, hoping that they would put back into the sea. This video of rescuing hermit crabs was shared in the Facebook group “Hengchun Peninsula Public Affairs Discussion Society”, and it caused a discussion.

The people who posted the film was the witness.

On the 22nd, the witness saw a group of tourists preparing to eat in front of a restaurant in Hengchun Township; one of them who was a little boy was holding a vivarium, the witness moved forward and found that there were more than 10 hermit crabs inside. 

hermit crabs in shadao beach in kenting

Hermit crabs in Shadao Beach in Kenting

In the 12-second video, the scene which showed the tapping of the vivarium with finger from time to time by the little boy could be seen, and the adults travelling together also looked down to observe, and it appeared that they were observing the dynamic of the hermit crabs. The reporter asked the witness, and the latter said that what was wanted to be said was already in the film. 

Witness called this the sadness of the summer vacation, and after the restriction was lifted, crowds of people and money poured in, nonetheless, the ecology also disappeared rapidly.

The witness further said that like the condition of the indiscriminate catching of hermit crabs in the video, if each of everyone took and caught a little bit, the sea of Kenting would also be stolen till empty.

If the place of occurrence was at the seaside, remind and inform would be given immediately, but because the location of occurrence was in the restaurant, they had not been caught on the spot, the witness said bluntly, adding that the group of guests had only come to the restaurant, and the witness did not want to affect each other’s eating mood, so a note was finally left to remind them in the hope that they would return to any seaside after dinner to put the hermit crabs back. 

This video caused hot discussion among netizens, and many netizens left messages saying that by taking hermit crabs back, hermit crabs were also could not be grown successfully. The capture of hermit crabs in the national park had violated the regulation of Item 2, Article 13 of the National Park Law, the Kenting Branch of The Seventh Special Police Corps pointed out, adding that once caught, violator can be fined 3,000 dollars in accordance with the law, hence the public was appealed not to violate the law. 

A little boy traveling with his family was suspected of catching more than 10 hermit crabs (left) at the seaside, and the witness left a note for the boy’s family, hoping to return hermit crabs to the sea.

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