Kenting flavor of the large-fruited fig

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Kenting flavor of the large-fruited fig

Aiyu (愛玉) is the most popular cool food during the summer. In addition to the Aiyu washed from Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang or Aiyuzi (愛玉子), there is also the so-called “fake Aiyu”, have you heard of it?

Because the fruit of Aiyuzi is larger than that of Ficus pumila var. pumila, the gum (pectin) rate is relatively high, and the distribution range is also wide, therefore people mostly use Aiyuzi to make natural jelly. Over time, “Aiyu” has become a proper noun for natural jelly.

There are also some places where people will use Ficus pumila var. pumila or large fruited fig to make natural jelly; because it is not made by Aiyuzi, it is called “fake Aiyu”.


Residents of Xianglin Tribe successfully transplanted  plants into their homes for planting

In fact, there is no problem of true or “fake Aiyu”; whether it is Aiyuzi, Ficus pumila var. pumila or Large Fruited Fig, taxonomically they are belonged to Moraceae Ficus. The flowers of this kind of plant grow in a round fruit-shaped receptacle, of which this is also known as cryptic inflorescence; the fruit is a syconus (Ficus carica is a kind of Ficus fruit).

The fruit has a small hole at one end, of which this is convenient for the fig wasp to enter and exit while performing pollination. Fig fruit hole of each kind of banyan tree has its own special structure, and hence the way to attract fig wasp is different from each other. It is very wonderful that the attracted fig wasp is also different from each other.

Large Fruited Fig which is mainly distributed in southeastern Taiwan has long been used by people to make natural jelly. It is a wonderful and cool food in childhood of many children from peninsula. In response to community development and eco-tourism in recent years, the development of local characteristics has also summoned the common memories of local people.

The residents of Xianglin Village in Manzhou Township have successfully transplanted wild Large Fruited Fig to the settlement.

Large Fruited Fig not only serves as a hedge, but also produces natural jelly which relieves heat and reduces inflammation. Home delivery services are also provided

jelly preparation

Preparing Large Fruited Fig jelly in Manzhou township

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