Kenting: 4 Best Beaches to Swim

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Kenting: 4 Best Beaches to Swim

Kenting National Park area occupies more than 333 km², and since it is located in the extreme south of Taiwan, its shores are washed by sea and ocean from all three sides – East, West, and South. Thus there are numerous picturesque, beautiful, and turquoise blue water beaches and coasts at your fingertips.
However, which beaches are safe to swim and which ones are not? On which beaches in Kenting are officially allowed to swim by Kenting National Park Headquarters? Let’s find out in this article which will continually be updated if new information comes in.

Where can I swim in Kenting?

Officially allowed and designated as safe beaches for a swim in Kenting by Kenting National Park Headquarters are 1. Baishawan (White Sand Beach), 2. Nanwan (South Bay), 3. Xiaowan (Small Bay) and Chuanfan Rock Beach (Sail Rock Beach).

However, there are other 3 beaches, which are popular for swimmers, and while not in the official list of Kenting National Park Headquarters, are still a viable choice for a swimmers.
These beaches are: 1. Private Beach of Chateau Beach Resort (located in Dawan, Kenting Beach), 2. Shiniu Beach, and 3. Jiupeng Beach in Manzhou. 

However, if you consider last 2 beaches – Shiniu Beach and Jiupeng Beach, if you are not a good swimmer, taking a foot bath at these beaches is suggested. Special attention must be paid when going deeper or swimming in the water because the sea level difference of the beaches here is more significant. There is a more irregular undercurrent; hence, engaging in further swimming activities is at your own risk. 

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Can I swim in Dawan (Big Bay Beach), which is also sometimes called Kenting Beach?

No, swimming is not allowed in Dawan beach, except in the private beach area owned by Chateau Beach Resort, which has lifeguards on duty. 

Note also that sometimes Dawan beach is also referred to as “Kenting Beach,” which is actually wrong because “Kenting” as a broad name is much bigger, and “Kenting” is not simply the Kenting Street area where the Dawan beach is really closest, it is much bigger

Now, let’s introduce each of these beaches in more detail, and then finalize the article by announcing the best beach to swim in Kenting according to our opinion.

Baishawan (White Sand Beach)

Baishawan Beach in Kenting, or White Sand Beach, is located at the western side of the Southern Kenting, only 3.4 km away from Maobitou Park.

Baishawan Beach is a beautiful white sanded beach surrounded by a coral reef and a bustling tourist area nearby, featuring several beach bars, juice stands, and restaurants.

A nearby camping place offers showers and a toilet on a paid basis. Likewise, in Nanwan and Sail Rock Beach, you will be able to rent a beach umbrella and plastic chairs for several hundred Taiwan Dollars.

Shallow waters between the beach rocks may be an annoyance for a swim, but you can see much small fish and other sea life swimming between them.

The parking lot nearby is not free, but if you are OK with a longer walk, park outside on the main road, that’s free.

Baishawan Beach in kenting at Sunset

Baishawan Beach at Sunset

Location of Baishawan Beach on Google maps

Nanwan (South Bay) Beach

Nanwan (South Bay) beach is a unique beach ecosystem itself, it is a separate village all consisting of busy bars, restaurants, and a myriad of B&B’s, hotels, and Homestays.

That’s perfectly OK because Nanwan itself offers a decent selection of restaurants and even bars to sit at, so if you do not have a car or motorbike to drive to the Kenting Main Street, you will be good to stay in Nanwan as well.
Nanwan is also famous for its beach motorsports selection, such as water motorcycles, banana boats, inflated towable boats, you get the idea.

South Bay beach is the widest and biggest from all four mentioned above. The coast is relatively gentler, and the sea level difference is smaller.

It is suitable for small kids playing in the water; however, there is a need to worry about water scooters and that banana-inflatable-thing craze. Sometimes during the peak tourist season, the sea surface is almost full of water scooters; the smell of oily smoke is quite heavy. One should be cautious when carrying out water activities. They drive at crazy speeds, sometimes extremely close to the swimming people.

kenting nanwan beach reality

Nanwan beach is also crowdiest one from all four mentioned

Location of Nanwan Beach on google maps

Xiaowan (Small Bay)

The beach of Little Bay is the beach with the closest distance to the downtown area of Kenting street and night market.
Famous Alex Reggae Bar is just across the street from the beach. 

It is currently maintained and managed by the Caesar Park Resort.

Visitors can freely enter and exit, and floats separate the moving range of water scooters. Hence, it is pretty safe, and waves here are smaller than in Baishawan or Nanwan. 

Since the beach formally belongs to the Caesar Park Resort, that means the beach umbrellas are also available only to those who live in the hotel, however, the beach bar, can be visited by everyone. 

xiaowan small bay in kenting

Xiaowan – an almost perfect beach in Kenting. 

Location of Xiaowan (Small bay) on google maps

Chuanfan Rock Beach (Sail Rock Beach)

The beach of Chuanfan Rock is smaller and the difference in sea level remains unknown. However, there are also many water scooters zooming in and out, albeit, the swimming area is a little bit right, so they won’t directly affect you. 

Although there is a planned in and outs of the waterway for water scooters, there is no specific partition between the tourists playing in the water and the water scooters. Also, be careful when swimming in the water.

Chuanfan rock beach is most far away to the east from all beaches mentioned above, and similar to Nanwan, also offers several great, almost beachfront hotels and B&B’s to stay, and are self-sufficient area to stay, with 7-ELEVEN, and own restaurants, so you no need to go back to Kenting Main Street if you do not want to. 

[ NOTE: If you are on mobile, use youtube app to open the video, for 360° features to work ] 

Chuanfan Rock Beach location on google maps

Which one is the best beach to swim in Kenting?

The best beach for a swim in Kenting is Xiaowan (Small Bay) Beach.
Small Bay’s geological location offers natural protection against more giant waves, forming a small safe harbor. Still, the swimming area is also guarded by floating partitions against water scooters, thus offering the best safety for a swimmer.


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