Gray-faced buzzards crossed Kenting, creating a spectacular view [video]

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Gray-faced buzzards crossed Kenting, creating a spectacular view [video]

The gray-faced buzzard crossed Kenting and nearly 20,000 southbound raptors migrated in large number this morning, and it was the feast of the eyes of the fans of eagle waiting at Lingxiao Pavilion of Sheding Park, Kenting. 

When it was the time entering autumn, it was also the time entering the peak period for the migrating raptors including Chinese sparrowhawk and gray-faced buzzard transiting through Taiwan, and Hengchun Peninsula was the last resting stop; the Kenting National Park Headquarters had been investigating the raptors of autumn at Lingxiao Pavilion of Sheding Park, Kenting since 1st September, and till yesterday, more than 170,000 Chinese sparrowhawks had been recorded flying south.

Although till yesterday there were less than ten thousand gray-faced buzzards which transited in succession, the amount of southbound migration had exploded to nearly twenty thousand today, and it became the feasts of the eyes of fans of eagles.

Eagle viewing carnival of Kenting also debuted in Manzhou Township on this Saturday and Sunday to accompany the fans of eagle to welcome this group of northern jerks. 

moigrating birds in kenting

Gray faced buzzard hawk crossing Kenting

After the transiting period of Chinese sparrowhawk had entered the final part, it was followed by the turn of gray-faced buzzard; based on the observation of the previous years, there was a huge amount of gray-faced buzzard before and after National Day, and there was reputation of “Bird of National Day”, he said, adding that the amount of transiting raptors in the last two years had exceeded 100,000, and only sporadic amount of Chinese sparrowhawk had transited Kenting during the holidays of National Day in this year, and 5896 gray-faced buzzards were recorded on the 13th of this month.

There were 2723 gray-faced buzzards yesterday, and the amount spiked to extreme large quantity (18,797) this morning, indicating the peak of the transiting period, which was expected to last more than a week, and another wave of eagle viewing trend would again be started.      

birds crossing kenting

The peak transiting period of the gray-faced buzzards had arrived, as long as the weather conditions were fulfilled: clear weather and the wind speed of not exceeding five degree, there would be a high probability of encountering a huge amount of eagles flying towards Philippines, and there were formations of “eagle column”, “eagle river”, “eagle sea”, and other natural wonders, Yi-Jung Tsai (蔡乙榮) as eagle admirer said, adding that the most ideal period for viewing was from 6 a.m. till 8 a.m., Lingxiao Pavilion of Sheding Park, Kenting and other observation points of East Coast had good conditions for eagle viewing, and among the best places to view “falling eagle” which had night resting at the forest in the afternoon were Lide Village and Gangkou Village of Manzhou Township. 

people watching eagles in kenting

As for the series of activities of Langqiao Eagle Season in this year, apart from the “The law of the Tao is its being what it is, rising of eagle at Kenting” landscape installation art exhibition which was exhibited at the lawn of Dawan, Kenting as well as raptor painting exhibition of Shu-Wen Wu (鄔蜀文) which was exhibited outside of visitor center, main venue activities which were organized at Manzhou Junior High School in the afternoon of this Saturday and Sunday included environmental education booths, agricultural friendly stalls, environmental cinemas, sketching activities, etc., Hsuan-Wu Chen (陳玄武) said, adding that guided commentary and the telescopes would be set up on the spot for visitors to enjoy viewing the heroic posture of eagles hovering in the air.

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