Golden Coast Beach near Checheng Township - up for a lonely walk, anyone?

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Golden Coast Beach near Checheng Township - up for a lonely walk, anyone?

When you are driving down the legendary coastal highway Nr.26,  an important part of Topography of Kenting National park, and if you are, means your mood already is in full throttle in Kenting mood – take one more turn right and have a scenic drive near the coast, instead of going straight.

Its this place I am talking about:

turn right to the beaches

No, that’s not the wrong turn, from the epic series of movies immediately comes to mind when I wrote these lines. 

This is a relatively new road built, to have a road veering right to have a stunning coast view of Haikou, Checheng, and Golden Beaches with plenty of coastal view platforms.

You will not miss it, because there is a big white hotel you will see already from the distance – this hotel had changed its name (and maybe its owners) several times in history already, so I am not sure if it makes sense to mention its name here.

Turn right here, pass the Haikou Tourist Area, and the watch for this small entrance:

entrance to golden beach in checheng

Yes, you can drive the car in there as well.

Once you drive through this small road, you will find yourself in a pretty big parking lot (most likely completely empty and deserted).

Take a walk in this VR 360° tour, as usually you can do on our resources. 
What immediately jumps into sight is the garbage here and there, but it still looks like someone is coming here regularly, maybe for chilling out, maybe for something else. 

namestone of the golden beach

Watch carefully, and you will see this name stone buried into bushes, and trees, apparently not maintained for years. 

Park the car, walk left, and find yourself in an even more surreal place – which is called Momo rest place, consisting of several indoor chairs and sofas, and some garbage cans.

Maybe, sometimes there is some small food or drink vendors, but seems the day we were here, it was all but us. 

Now, once you finally get down to the beach – you will notice that you are all alone here. Completely alone, and only this lonely old army bunker is watching you walking over the coast, really empty here.

old army bunker on beach

When you are watching the army bunker, it is watching you back as well.

Red flag signifies that it is not allowed to swim here, but most likely it would not be too comfortable either, since the rocks seems to be pretty sharp most of the places, so I would not risk walk in the water without beach shoes either.

[ NOTE – If you are on mobile, open the youtube video in youtube app, to have 360 degree effects working ] 

I tried to find information about this place in chinese, but only several blogs with few photos here and there surfaced, so probably I will also not add more information about this place for you either.

This is why, we made a pretty extensive VR 360° tour here, so you can walk and watch in all directions, and even immerse yourself in 360° videos – so maybe you won’t need come yourself.

[ NOTE – If you are on mobile, open the youtube video in youtube app, to have 360 degree effects working ] 

Golden Beach in Checheng information:

Name in Chinese: 黃金海岸

Address in English: Pingtung County, Checheng Township, 944

Address in Chinese: 屏東縣車城鄉944

Link to the Place in our Interactive Tourist Map: Golden Beach in Checheng

location of golden beach on the map

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